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Planning a New Year’s Eve party? We LOVE these awesome New Year’s Eve games that are great for all ages and activity levels! There’s a New Year’s Eve party game for everyone on this list!

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New Year’s Eve parties are one of my favorite celebrations! I love chatting with everyone about our wishes, hopes, and resolutions for the upcoming year and reminiscing about the highs and lows of the past year. There’s no time like New Year’s Eve to throw the best party ever!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite New Year’s Eve party games and activities that are sure to make your celebration a huge hit for everyone! There’s a great mix of on-your-feet active games and not-so-active printable games in here, so you’re sure to find something to suit almost any crowd or age group!

glass and bottle of champagne

Beverage Relay Race

By Ice Breaker Ideas

If you’re hosting a large party, save a few extra drinks for this fun game! Set up a bowl in the middle of the party table filled with a beverage of your choice, then, using only a teaspoon guests will race to fill up a champagne flute as fast as they can! This is a great game to split up and play in teams.

new years eve printable bingo game

New Year’s Eve Bingo

These printable New Year’s Eve Bingo Cards are tons of fun! Countdown until midnight with this fun New Years game that’s a fun way to entertain large groups.

new years eve minute to win it games

Drop Around the Clock Game

By The Idea Room

In this M&M straw game, kids and adults will compete to move the small candies to each hour on the clock using just their mouth and a straw! It’s tougher than you think! Play for two rounds until guests have their clocks filled with two candies per hour. There are even more fun minute-to-win-it-type New Year’s games here for you to keep the good times rolling.

printable new years eve word scramble game

New Year’s Word Scramble Printable

I LOVE a good word scramble challenge! Print this off for some friendly competition at home or in the classroom.

hours of excitement balloon countdown

Balloon Countdown Fun

By How Does She

If you’re strapped for New Year’s Eve activities that the whole family can do, grab a pack of balloons and some strips of paper for some unique, family bonding games and activities to keep you busy this New Year’s Eve. My favorite – tell a fun memory from last year!

new years eve printable cards

Printable New Year’s Eve Game

By Paperelli for Classy Clutter

Reminisce on all the great things that the last year has brought with this free printable New Year’s Eve game! Pass these fun cue cards around and share your favorite memories of this year with the people you care about most.

marshmallow toss minute to win it game

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Toss Game

With six mugs and some large marshmallows, you’ve got yourself a great game for some New Year’s Eve shenanigans! Compete to see which team can land their marshmallows into the mugs in the allotted time!

printable new years eve mad libs game

New Year’s Eve Mad Libs

This fun FREE New Year’s Eve Mad Libs printable is perfect for kids of all ages (and grown-ups, too!)! Great for teachers, New Year’s Eve parties, Scouts, playgroups, and more! A fun activity to play while waiting for the ball drop.

New Years I Spy activity

Printable New Year’s I Spy Game

By Little Bins for Little Hands

Make New Year’s with the kids a real blast! Add a quick and easy-to-print New Year’s I SPY style activity to your New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day plans! This is perfect for kindergarten and early elementary age kids.

"Minute to Win It Games: Junk in the Trunk" graphic

Junk in the Trunk game

This game involves an empty tissue box and is perfect for family game nights, as it’s equal parts challenging and entertaining! Definitely another crowd favorite at our party!

bunco printable score cards

New Year’s Eve Bunco Score Cards

By PartyVixenGames on ETSY

If you LOVE a good game of Bunco, make sure to grab these cute New Year-themed score sheets for you and your teams. Learn how to play bunco here!

new years eve party games being played in living room

Toast to Toast

By Play Party Plan

Have two players from the same team stand on one end of the room and have a bucket on the other end of the room that they must sink a ball into. Give each of the two players plastic champagne flutes and one player a ping pong ball. Players face each other and move by passing the ball back and forth down the line – just don’t drop the ball!

new years eve drinking game cards

New Year’s Eve Drinking Game

By Creative Union Design

This adult drinking game is a total bargain and definitely worth it if you’re entertaining a crowd of adults! Just make sure you have some yummy beverages on standby to play this funny game.

new years eve printable bingo game

Printable New Year’s Eve Bingo

By Thirty Handmade Days

Entertain kids and adults with a fun game of BINGO! Block out these squares full of fun New Year’s items and be the first player to call out BINGO!

lego firewalk fun party game

Lego Firewalk Challenge

By Queen of Theme Parties

Challenge friends(and foes!) to this game of Lego fire walking! Tape off a stretch of 10 ft. and fill it with as many Legos as you can. Who will be the ultimate survivor?!

happy new year word puzzle game

New Year’s Eve Word Puzzle

By The Resourceful Mama

Create as many words as you can from the words “Happy New Year”, how many do you think you can find?

new years would you rather game

New Year’s “Would You Rather” Game questions

By Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

This game will have you asking yourself “Would you rather… clean up confetti in Times Square? Or after zoo animals?”

couple holding new year eve photo props

New Year’s Photo Booth Prop

Every New Year’s party will need a fantastic trove of photo props! Wear a funny mustache or hat for your group photos and make this year one you’ll never forget.

balloons in living room

New Year’s Baby Balloon Game

By Momtastic

Teams will race around the room grabbing balloons and bringing them back to their designated space, then try their hardest to pop their balloon. Each balloon is either filled with a new year’s baby(or a photo of one!) or nothing. The team that gets the most babies before the time runs out WINS!

DIY Prize Punch Game Board

Prize Punch

By East Coast Mommy

It’s incredibly easy to throw together this easy party game of prize punch! Fill plastic cups with small prizes, gift cards, or even party shots!

wishing wall new years wishes kids activity

Wishing Wall

By Buggy and Buddy

This is a great activity for kids and adults to participate in! Create a wishing wall, decorated with sticky notes full of each person’s wishes for the New Year! Don’t forget to snap a photo of it once it’s filled up to save for next year.

Balloon tennis game pieces fly swatter and balloons blown up in basket

Balloon Tennis

By Little Bins for Little Hands

If you’re stuck indoors this year grab a few balloons and fly swatters for some hilariously silly inside fun! Kids will LOVE this game(Boozy adults would too!) and it’s totally inexpensive to throw together.

Saran Wrap Ball Game

By Lil Luna

Typically played around Christmas or the holiday season – this hilarious present wrap game is incredibly fun to play in groups! Compete to see who can get the item or gift card unwrapped on their turn. The more fun stuff you hide in the saran wrap ball, the longer and more fun of a game it becomes!

lady holding yellow bowl making a surprised expression

The bowl game

By Fun Cheap or Free

You’ll want to play this fun party game again and again! In this shocking game, guests will write down an anonymous truth about them on a piece of paper. Players will then take turns pulling each slip of paper from the bowl and going around the room guessing who the truth belongs to. Players that get the most guesses right will win. You’ll definitely be in for some fun surprises with this silly game!

young man in glasses reaching for candy bars

Candy Bar game

By Its Always Autumn

This easy game is perfect for playing at parties and works well with groups of all ages. Roll the dice for your chance to grab your favorite candy bar – and then hope no one steals it before the time is up! This is a great way for teens and tweens to break the ice!

two one dollar bills and winter decor

Dollar Bill Game

By So Festive

Start this simple game off by clipping a dollar bill to every party guest shirt, then designate a phrase or word that is totally off limits for the duration of the game(like ‘New Years’, or ‘drink’!). Players can catch other players saying the off-limit word and steal their cash! This is a great game that literally pays to play!

human ring toss game being played outside by kids with pool floating rings

Human Ring Toss

By Kid Friendly Things to Do

If you’re planning a pool party(I envy your climate!) or just looking for a fun, physical indoor activity, this is such a fantastic choice for kids and adult parties. Grab a few blow-up pool rings to get started playing!

new years eve countdown bags - activities for every hour

Count Down Bags

By The Dating Divas

Keep the fun rolling around the clock with these adorable printable countdown bags! This post has printable games and activities to include in every bag, or get creative and fill them with treats, goodies and games of your own!

christmas tree decorated with balloons for fun new years eve game

New Years Tree

By Our Best Bites

Not only does this make great party décor, but guests will love taking part in popping balloons for all kinds of good prizes! Small candies, dollar bills, or small toys all make great prizes. Kids especially will delight in pricking balloons off the tree all night long.

child blindfolded playing pin the hand on the clock new years eve game

Pin The Hand On The Clock Game

Everyone knows this classic game! This fun NYE game is perfect for adults and kids of all ages to play. For a challenge, change the target hand location and play multiple rounds for prizes.

new years eve time capsule items spread out on table with jar

Time Capsule

By The Idea Room

Do you get together with the same friends each year? Or maybe you’d like to create more memories with dear family members? Create your own time capsule full of memories from the past year. Break it out again next year or 5-10 years from now to really feel nostalgic!

minute to win it nose dive game being played by kids

Minute-TO-Win-IT Nose Dive

By Kid Friendly Things to Do

Nose dive is a chaotically fun game that anyone would enjoy! Players dot their noses with Vaseline and try to scoop up snowballs from a large bowl of cotton balls and shake them off into the bucket as fast as they can! The person with the most snowballs wins!

new year photo backdrop with balloons and cart

DIY Photo Backdrop

By Sunset

Every party needs a great insta-worthy photo backdrop! If you’re having trouble putting your own photo booth or DIY backdrop together, check out this helpful article full of great tips and tricks to get that picture perfect photo background!

DIY glow in the dark party collage

Glow in the Dark Games

By A Pumpkin and a Princess

Make your party truly unforgettable with these glow-in-the-dark decorations, activities, and party games! What better way to shine into the New Year?

family friendly new years eve party games

Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Games

If you’re looking for more kid-friendly games, you have to check out this awesome list of Even More Family-Friendly New Year’s Eve Party Games & Activities! Free printables, board games, and more!

I hope you have the best New Year’s Eve party ever with all of these fun New Year’s Eve games!

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