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Looking for fun Christmas party games? These 35+ Christmas Games are the BEST of the best Christmas games for kids and adults! Tons of great ideas for everyone!

The Best Christmas Party Games for Kids and Adults

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One of my favorite things about the holiday season is attending all of the wonderful Christmas parties, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with these super fun Christmas games! These Christmas party games are great for both kids and adults, and everyone is sure to have a fantastic time when you play them!

This Christmas party games collection is made up of a combination of active games that will require guests to get up and out of their seats as well as printable games that can be played while sitting down or around the dinner table. There’s something fun for everyone!

printable mad libs christmas game

Christmas Mad Libs

Printable Christmas games are a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit! This Christmas Mad Libs from Happiness is Homemade is a TON of silly fun for everyone of all ages! Have everyone at the party contribute a noun, adjective, etc. to the Mad Libs and create the most hilarious letter to Santa ever!

santas delivery game hilarious relay party game

Santa’s Delivery Game

If you’re looking for family Christmas games, Santa’s Delivery Game from Intelligent Domestications is a great festive game! In this fast-paced relay game, players must carry more and more packages back and forth under the command of the hub manager!

santa printable emoji christmas song game

Christmas Song Emoji Game

This Christmas Songs Emoji Game from Happiness is Homemade is a fun game for the whole Christmas party crowd! Set a timer and see how many Christmas emoji rebuses you can solve in under two minutes!

families playing reindeer games together

Reindeer Gear

Holiday games are the most fun when the whole family gets involved! Race to fill the pantyhose with balloons and be the first person to make your own pair of antlers in this game of Reindeer Gear from Life Design Craft!

printable christmas bingo cards

Printable Christmas Bingo Game

Bingo is a fantastic party game for all ages, and this Printable Christmas Bingo Game from Happiness is Homemade can be played in both classic and blackout style games for lots of holiday fun!

santas sleigh escape room digital version

Santa’s Sleigh Escape Room

Escape room fans will LOVE this Santa’s Sleigh Escape Room Kit! This digital escape room contains puzzles, clues, and everything you need to solve the challenge! Best suited for ages 8+ as reading is required.

pin the heart on the grinch printable craft and acitvity

Pin the Heart on the Grinch

Making this Pin the Heart on the Grinch game from Homemade Heather is easy peasy thanks to these free printables!

christmas word search free printable christmas game

Christmas Word Search for Adults & Kids

Word search puzzles are a popular game, and this Christmas Word Search from Happiness is Homemade makes a great party game, too! Set a timer and race to see who can complete the game the quickest or who can find the most words in the allotted time !

boy wearing reindeer horns with rings tossed on horns

Reindeer Games Ring Toss

Reindeer Games Ring Toss from Happiness is Homemade will have all of your party guests laughing hysterically! It’s hilarious fun for all ages!

christmas jeopardy game with values

Christmas Jep-arty Game

Holiday party games are a fun way spend quality time with family members or large groups! This awesome Christmas Jep-arty Game comes complete with 30 trivia questions in six different categories along with a Final Jep-arty question.

christmas scattergories printable game

Christmas Scattergories

This Christmas Scattergories Printable from My Party Games is fun for everyone! Pair younger non-reading party guests with older guests and have everyone compete as teams.

christmas gift exchange printable on presents

Switch, Steal, Unwrap Game

When it’s time to exchange gifts, this Switch, Steal, Unwrap Game from Play Party Plan is lots of fun!

kit kat rolled in many layers of saran wrap

Saran Wrap Gift Ball

A fun twist on the gift exchange is the Saran Wrap Gift Ball Game from Mom Luck! This fun idea is hilarious and can last a really long time if your Saran Wrap ball is large enough!

christmas charades printable game

Christmas Charades

Charades is a super fun and easy game for both kids of all ages and adults, so it’s perfect for holiday parties! These printable Christmas Charades Cards from A Girl and a Glue Gun make game play easier than ever!

man dressed as a christmas tree

Human Christmas Tree

The Human Christmas Tree from Dots and Daisies game is SO much silly fun! Pick up some candy canes and a few rolls of green crepe paper party streamers, and you’re ready to have a good time!

christmas carol printable list

Christmas Carol Game

Here’s a great Christmas game! This printable Christmas Carol Game from Lil Luna is a bit more challenging, so it’s best suited for older children and adults. You will have so much fun trying to guess the song title!

christmas movie trivia game cards

Christmas Movie Trivia

Test your knowledge of Christmas movies with this fun Christmas Movie Trivia Game! This is a perfect game for family game night and a super fun activity!

poke a tree game christmas game for kids and adults

Poke-A-Tree Game

Have guests take their shot at this hilarious game of Poke-A-Tree(similar to the Price is Right game, Punchout!) from Fun 365 to win gift cards, money or candy at your annual Christmas party. For added fun, supply NERF guns to see if kids & adults can hit their target!

guess how many christmas party game with christmas decorations

Guess How Many?

Use your best guessing skills to Guess How Many candies are in the jar? This game from Sunshine and Rainy Days is a great passive Christmas game that people of all ages can participate in. You can use candies, ornaments, or anything else you please.

little girl playing jingle bell toss game in front of the Christmas tree

Jingle Bell Toss Game

This great holiday game from Playground Park Bench takes the fun of beer pong and makes it a family friendly game that anyone can play. Team members take turns tossing their jingle bells into the cups and scoring shots. Compete for a surprise gift or some delicious Christmas goodies.

guess who christmas headbanz type game

Guess Who? Christmas Game

If you’ve ever played the popular game Hedbanz or even the classic game of Guess Who? then you may already have an idea of how to play this funny game from Kid Friendly Things to Do. Players take turns wearing the index card on their head while the other member will answer questions based on who that player wearing the card thinks that they may be. (Think 20 questions! Am I an object? Am I an animal?) It’s simple and super entertaining!

snowman cups for snowball shooting christmas party game

Snowball Shooters

Kids and adults will get such a kick out of these funny Snowball Shooters from Mom Brite! Make these cute little guys out of cups, balloons, and markers. Take turns shooting marshmallows or cotton balls as far as you can! Record the results to see who can launch theirs the farthest.

mystery string challenge game being played by girl

Mystery String Challenge

Try the viral trendy game Mystery String Challenge! This fun party game works for any season or event, but is great for Christmas gatherings, too. It’s simple, just attach strings to paper plates with prizes on them and feed the other ends of the strings into a paper cup for players to mysteriously choose from. Pick your string and pull!

candy cane hide and seek game board with pen

Candy Cane Hide-N-Seek

I always love a good game of hide-n-seek! This family friendly game from The Resourceful Mama will have everyone searching high and low for candy canes. Set a timer and see how many guests can find within the time limit!

snowman stem building activity for children

Tallest Snowman Challenge

This simple and fun winter STEM challenge from Mom Brite will have younger children building snowmen using just marshmallows and toothpicks. Race to beat the clock, building the tallest design you can!

red christmas bow

Pass the Bow

This fun game from Get Your Holiday On puts a holiday spin on the classic game of hot potato. It works best with a larger group of 6 or more players. In this easy game, players take turns passing the bow until the Christmas music stops. The player who has the bow when the music stops is OUT! The last person standing wins!

reindeer poop christmas game on plates

Reindeer Poop Game

The whole family will find this reindeer poop guessing game from Little Cooks Reading Books hilarious! Don’t worry – it’s not actual poop 😉 This game takes different melted chocolate candy bars and keeps players guessing what they think the poop actually is! The player that gets the most right wins!

what's in the stocking christmas party game

What’s In The Stocking?

For this game from KC Edventures, place random items into a Christmas stocking and pass it around the room. Players will then get a chance to feel what’s inside and record their answers. Get the most answers right for the win!This makes a great game for the classroom.

lady wearing over mitts with christmas presents

Oven Mitt Game

The concept for this game from Cheers To Life Blogging is simple! Try your best to struggle your way through opening presents as fast as you can while wearing over mitts. It’s a great challenge, and easy enough that kids can play too!

Christmas kisses trivia game card filled with hershey's kisses

Christmas Kisses Trivia Game

This Christmas Kisses Trivia Game from Play Party Plan includes printable game cards and 300 printable trivia questions to play with! Cover your game cards with Hershey’s kisses or something similar, the first one who completely covers their cards WINS!

man wearing santa belly costume

Santa Belly Bust

The concept for a game of Santa Belly Bust by Queen of Theme Party is an easy one! Players stuff a balloon underneath their shirt to resemble a round belly, then try their hardest to burst each other’s balloons while having their hands behind their backs. Watch complete hilarity ensue!

Don't Ring The Bells Obstacle Course

Don’t Ring the Bells Obstacle Course

Create teams of players to run this funny obstacle course from Childhood 101 and try not to ring the bells! This is a fun activity to set up for toddlers and preschoolers, but can easily be modified to be more challenging for adults, too.

what do you meme Merry Dissmas edition

What Do You Meme? Merry Dissmas

From the wildly popular game ‘What Do You Meme’ comes this hilarious Christmas edition of your favorite game. This easy-to-play Christmas game will have the whole family roaring with laughter!

people playing draw on your head christmas game

Draw On Your Head Game

The perfect game for a large crowd! Supply players with a pen and paper plates and let the games begin! This game from Happy Home Fairy will have players try their best attempts at drawing Christmas items on their plate, the twist – you have to draw it on your head! Players get points for placement, accuracy, and details. It’s super fun and super easy to play!

items in jars for Christmas guess that smell game

Christmas Smell Guessing Game

Blindfolded players are given jars containing the different scents of Christmas – like, Christmas tree sprig, cinnamon, candy canes and whatever else you can think of! Players take their best guess at recognizing each smell in this game from Kid Friendly Things to Do. Compete with the whole family for bragging rights or a cool prize!

With all of these awesome free Christmas games to choose from, you’re sure to find some Christmas party games that will be perfect for your guests!

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