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These adorable Santa Crafts for Kids are fun for all ages! Quick and easy holiday Christmas crafts that feature everyone’s favorite – Santa Claus!

santa crafts for kids collage photo

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Christmas is almost here! It’s time to deck the halls, put up the Christmas tree, and write letters to Santa. Of course, you’ll also want to add a few of these fun Santa Claus crafts for kids to your December calendar, too!

Crafting is a terrific way to spend time together as a family, especially when the weather is colder and we’re all indoors a little more. You’ll find all sorts of creative and crafty ways to make jolly old Saint Nick — from paper plate crafts to handprint Santa crafts and more! You’ll have a ton of fun with these cute Christmas crafts!

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santa coming down the chimney paper plate craft for kids

Santa in the Chimney Paper Plate Craft

Santa in the Chimney Paper Plate Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: The kids will get such a kick out of this moveable Santa paper plate craft as they move him up and down in the chimney! You can either make this easy craft with his head or with his feet coming out of the chimney for some funny holiday antics!

santa made from yarn ornament with snowflakes

Santa Yarn Ornament

Santa Yarn Ornament from Messy Little Monster: Wrapping yarn is a great way to get fine motor practice to strengthen hands and fingers. Plus, this yarn-wrapped Santa will look pretty cute on your Christmas tree this year. Make a bunch and tie some onto gifts for friends and family!

handprint salt dough santa head ornament with christmas decorations

Salt Dough Santa Handprint Craft

Salt Dough Santa Handprint Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids: This easy Santa handprint craft makes a lovely keepsake that’ll last for years and look great on the tree every year! This salt dough Santa ornament makes a wonderful keepsake to remember those tiny little hands that seem to grow all too fast.

rocking paper plate santa craft for kids

Rocking Paper Plate Santa

Rocking Paper Plate Santa from Easy Peasy and Fun: You’ll have a rocking good time making this Santa! This is a super simple and frugal craft requiring only half a paper plate to make Santa’s body. If you don’t want to deal with the mess of painting (or if you’re doing this with a large group of kids), start with red paper plates to save time.

paper plate santa twirler project

Paper Plate Santa Twirler

Paper Plate Santa Twirler from Crafts on Sea: Turn an ordinary paper plate into a swirly, twirly Santa that the kids will love making and playing with. It’ll be a cute decoration for the kids to add to their rooms or the playroom this Christmas! 

santa claus made from wood block in christmas village

Wood Block Santa Claus

Wood Block Santa Claus from Meaningful Mama: You can use scrap wood for these adorable wooden Santas that are easy enough for kids of all ages to make. Won’t they look cute on the mantel or outside on the porch?

santa heads made from paper craft

Shape Santa

Shape Santa from Non-Toy Gifts: You’ll be amazed at all the things you can make with simple shapes! Here, kids learn how to make Santa Claus using circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Each version is super cute!

santa backwards coming down chimney with reindeer handprint craft

Stuck Santa Hand Painting

Stuck Santa Hand Painting from Fun Handprint Art: Oh no! Santa’s stuck in the chimney again! Do you think his reindeer pal can help him out? Both Santa and the reindeer are made using handprints, so it’ll make fun Christmas gifts for grandparents or a cute keepsake to add to your holiday scrapbook.

paper cone christmas decorations on table

Santa Paper Cones

Santa Paper Cones from Picklebums: These super simple Santa and Christmas tree cones are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to make! Use the colored version or print the one for the kids to color in themselves.

santa headband paper craft for kids

Santa Headband Craft

Santa Headband Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: Looking for a fun craft to do with your preschoolers at home or in the classroom? This Santa headband comes with a template to make it super easy for little ones to assemble with a little help. You can either use colored construction paper for the face and hat or simply color in the template.

santa napkin ring holders on table

Santa Napkin Rings

Santa Napkin Rings from AttaGirl Says: Let the kids help with the table décor this year! These felt Santa napkin rings are easy to assemble, and all you need are some red napkins to make Santa’s hat and complete the look. How cute! 

coffee filter santa craft for kids

Coffee Filter Santa Craft

Coffee Filter Santa Craft from Darcy and Brian: How fun are these Santas with their big, bushy beards? Santa’s face and hat are painted on the clothespin, and the folded coffee filter serves as his big beard. So creative!

popcorn beard and hair on paper santa

Popcorn Santa

Popcorn Santa from The Inspiration Edit: Pop some popcorn and enjoy a snack while you make this easy Santa with his popcorn beard. Go with air-popped popcorn to make sure you don’t get oil or butter stains on your paper.

toilet paper tube santa with candy

Paper Tube Santa

Paper Tube Santa from Ruffles and Rain Boots: Save those toilet paper rolls to make some adorable paper tube Santas to decorate your tables and your windowsills for the holiday season.

santa head made from newspaper

Newspaper Santa Claus

Newspaper Santa Claus from I Heart Crafty Things: Using recycled materials is an excellent way to make crafting more frugal! Seeing the news type underneath the paint gives this Santa artwork a really unique look.

mix and match paper santa craft with childs face

Mix and Match Paper Santa Craft

Mix and Match Paper Santa Craft from Messy Little Monster: Little kids will enjoy putting their own face on Santa’s body with this fun mix-and-match craft. Add magnets to the back and put them on the fridge for the Christmas season!

two santa puppets made from paper bags

Santa Paper Bag Puppet

Santa Paper Bag Puppet from Simple Everyday Mom: Put on a puppet show telling your favorite Christmas stories with these fun and interactive Santa puppets made from paper bags. Your kids can also use them while everyone is singing Christmas songs! I imagine Santa’s a jolly good singer, don’t you?

santa face made with cotton balls

Santa Card Craft

Santa Card Craft from The Best Ideas for Kids: The kids will love making these gorgeous Santa cards for relatives and friends. Santa has a sparkly hat and a beard full of cotton, so he’s lots of fun to put together!

popsicle stick santa craft

Popsicle Stick Santa

Popsicle Stick Santa from Simple Everyday Mom: Popsicle sticks are one of my favorite craft supplies! They’re so easy to come by and can make a variety of things. This simple craft is so cute, and would make an adorable ornament! 

craft stick pom pom santa hat photo frame craft for kids

Santa Hat Photo Frame

Santa Hat Photo Frame from Montessori From the Heart: Make this fun project using craft sticks, pom poms, twine and your favorite Santa photo. These cute picture frames make great crafts for older kids or younger children who have adults to help with the hot glue gun.

santa mason jar luminary on table with decor

Santa Mason Jar

Santa Mason Jar from Mod Podge Rocks: Turn a boring old mason jar into a festive bit of holiday decor. After making your new Santa Suit jar, add a candle to make it into a luminary, or fill it with candies for a sweet gift idea for a family member.

christmas craft for kids, santa binoculars

Santa Binoculars

Santa Binoculars from Messy Little Monster: Do your kids love to stay up watching for Santa? Craft a pair of Santa binoculars, perfect for catching a glimpse of the big guy, himself. A fun Christmas Eve activity for kids!

santa wire door hanger hanging on door knob

Santa Door Hanger

Santa Door Hanger from Kid Friendly Things to Do: Get into the holiday spirit with a custom Santa door hanger. The adorable Santa face is so much fun!

paper plate santa mask

DIY Santa Mask

DIY Santa Mask from North Pole Times: A perfect Christmas craft for the classroom! Craft these easy Santa masks in no time, and then be sure to get a funny holiday photo of kids, and family wearing them.

santa craft made from wine corks and hershey kisses

Kiss-mas Wine Cork Santas

Kiss-mas Wine Cork Santas from It All Started With Paint: Wish your loved ones a ‘Merry Christmas’ with these adorable Santa ornaments made from recycled wine corks and Hershey’s kisses!

star fish santa in sand with beach items

Starfish Santa

Starfish Santa from Crafts By Courtney: Adults and kids will love this easy craft project. A starfish decoration, paint, and a paintbrush are all you’ll need to bring this cute, smiling Santa to life.

santa lollipops

Santa Lollipops

Santa Lollipops from PJS and Paint: If you’re having a Christmas party at your home or classroom, these easy Santa treats can be thrown together in little time.

santa craft with printed beard on black paper

Printed Beard Santa

Printed Beard Santa from Buggy and Buddy: Use a paint roller and pipe cleaners to create wonderful, giant Santa beards like this one. Kids will have great fun making their own Santa beards!

paper plate santa and elf hats

Santa and Elf Hats

Santa and Elf Hats from Glued to my Crafts Blog: Use paper plates, paint and cotton balls to make Santa and Elf hats for little ones to play with. They’ll make excellent dress up items or photo props!

santa spinner craft in hands

Santa Spinner

Santa Spinner from Easy Peasy and Fun: Crafts that double as toys are always fun ideas! This interactive Christmas Spinner craft is cute and entertaining. Use the printable template provided to then color, cut and assemble your own spinner toy.

With so many fun Santa crafts for kids, you’re sure to find something cute and creative to make!

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