Mummy Paper Plate: Halloween Craft for Kids

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This easy and fun mummy paper plate Halloween craft is great for little kids! It’s fun, inexpensive, and would make a great group craft for a classroom, church, or daycare!

Collage of Paper plate mummy craft

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

Paper plates are one of my favorite materials to use for simple craft projects because they’re readily available and inexpensive…plus, there’s just SO much that you can make with them! (Check out these 40+ Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids!)

These Halloween Mummy Paper Plates are a great craft to entertain younger kids at a Halloween party, and it also makes a great classroom activity or church group activity. This easy craft doesn’t take long to make, and is relatively simple to create. The materials can be easily purchased inexpensively in large quantities making it the perfect craft for groups of all sizes and ages. Everyone will love this easy Halloween craft!

Supplies needed for paper plate mummy kids craft

Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Plate Mummy:

Paper plates with mouths cut out from them with other supplies

Instructions: How to Make a Paper Plate Mummy

Place the plate face up and draw the mouth using a black permanent marker. These can be simple curved lines or half-moon shapes.

If you wanted to add some dimension to the craft, you could also opt to create the mouth out of black craft foam, black felt, or black construction paper. Cutting out the shapes is also a great way to practice those fine motor skills!

Paper plates with mouths cut out from them and holes punched around circumference of plate

Use the hole punch to punch about 25 holes along the outer rim of the plate, approximately ½” away from the edge.

googly eyes glued to center of mummy paper plate craft

Glue the googly eyes onto the paper plate about 2-3 inches or so above the mouth. Depending on age and coordination, younger kids may need assistance.

We used a low temperature glue gun here, but I recommend using Elmer’s School Glue or Aleene’s Tacky Glue instead of hot glue with younger children (let’s keep those little hands safe!).

googly eyes glued to center of mummy paper plate craft with string ready to be attached

Cut 8-10 yards (24-30 feet) of white yarn for each mummy.

yarn strung through punched holes and across mummy paper plate

From the back of the paper plate, thread the yarn through one hole and pull it through the hole right next to it so that both ends are coming out the back side. Adjust the yarn by both ends so that both pieces are an even length to start.

Note: if necessary, tightly wrap the ends of the yarn with a piece of clear tape to keep the ends of the yarn from fraying and unraveling while lacing.

more yarn strung over mummy face in different directions

Thread each end of the yarn back through a hole so that the ends of the yarn are coming out of the front of the plate. Begin randomly lacing the yarn across the face of the mummy, starting with the top and working your way down. Be sure to skip around between the holes and allow the yarn to overlap in places to give it the look of a mummy that is unraveling. Do NOT thread the yarn directly over the eyes. The eyes should be left uncovered so that it looks like they are peaking through the bandages.

back of mummy paper plate craft tie string off

Once you are satisfied with your lacing and have worked your way down the plate, finish it by pulling the yarn through two holes that are close to each other so that both ends of the yarn are on the back of the plate. Tie the two ends together and cut off any excess yarn.

preparing to add a bow to mummy paper plate craft

If desired, cut a length of ribbon, tie it into a bow, and then glue it to the bottom or top of the plate (at the neck or head of the mummy) to make a decorative bowtie or hair bow.

bow added to mummy paper plate craft

This easy Halloween craft is adorable for kids of all ages! SO much fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

bow added to smiling mummy paper plate craft

Where can I find the supplies for this craft?

Materials for this craft are easily obtained at any craft store or Walmart. Most supplies can also be purchased at the dollar store or party supplies store as well. And, of course, there’s always Amazon!

completed smiling mummy paper plates

Which Steps Might Kids Need Assistance With?

Depending on age and coordination, younger kids might need help with the hole punching and may need some additional guidance while threading the yarn to make it look like a mummy. They may also need assistance with attaching the eyes.

completed smiling mummy paper plates on halloween background

What can I do with this craft when finished?

This craft makes a cute decoration. It is perfect to decorate a classroom or hallway because each mummy will be unique. They can be pinned to doors or hung on desks to add a fun and spooky flare to any room.

completed smiling mummy paper plates on halloween background

How Can I Make This Craft My Own?

There are lots of ways you can change up this easy craft to make it your own! Swap the white plate for a black paper plate and add the facial features with a white paint marker! Or, exchange the white yarn for white ribbon or crepe paper for a different look!

hand holding bow for mummy paper plate craft

Tips & Tricks

  • Younger kids should use craft glue instead of hot glue to prevent them from getting burned.
  • Demonstrating by example is an effective way to teach children the concept of lacing the plate to make it look like a mummy.
  • Hole punch the plates ahead of time to save time if working with a large group of younger kids or if you have a limited number of hole punchers. The yarn can also be cut ahead of time to make things more efficient.

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mummy paper plate craft list of supplies needed: paper plate, hole punch, white yarn, googly eyes, black marker, ribbon (optional)
mummy paper plate craft supplies graphic

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