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These free printable baby shower games are easy and fun entertainment for your next baby shower! Guests will love playing these baby shower games as they mingle and spoil the mom-to-be!

baby shower printable games

The recipe for throwing an awesome baby shower includes part delicious food, part champagne cocktails, and part fun games! These printable baby shower games are easy for hosts to prepare and fun for guests to play! 

The mom-to-be and all your guests will love getting competitive and laughing together as they play these fun games! From unique games like Celebrity Baby Name games to a classic baby shower game of BINGO, new parents will have the best free baby shower games to choose from on this list. You’ll absolutely love how easy it is to incorporate these printable games into your baby shower!

free american to british word match game printable

Baby Word Matching: America vs Britain

Somehow changing a nappy sounds a whole lot cuter than changing a diaper! Match the American words with their British counterparts in this American and British Word Match game from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

candy match games baby shower printable game

Candy Match Baby Shower Game

Having a baby is so sweet! Match the pregnancy and baby-related terms to their candy bar counterparts. You’ll have to figure out what candy an umbilical cord and contractions can be in this Baby Candy Match game from The Postpartum Party.

free printable baby shower game who knows mommy best?

Who Knows Mommy Best?

Moms always know their babies, but in this Who Knows Mommy Best? game, baby shower attendees will answer questions about the Mom-to-be like how did mommy meet daddy? and what is mommy’s favorite thing about being pregnant? in this fun printable game.

Baby shower price is right game printable

Baby Shower Price is Right

One of the best games! How well do you think you know the price of popular baby items? Tula Mama has two different templates to play the Price is Right baby shower game. 

beer belly or pregnant belly printable game

Beer Belly or Pregnant Belly

Bump or belly? See how well everyone knows a pregnant bump from a beer belly in This Hilarious Free Printable Game.

baby shower printable bingo game

Baby Shower Bingo

Give shower guests something fun to do while mom opens up all those gifts! Crazy Little Projects has a free printable Baby Shower Bingo game that fits the bill perfectly! Print the blank templates so people can fill in various gift ideas. As the mom-to-be opens presents, guests can check it off their bingo sheet for a chance to win.

printable disney name match game

Disney Parents Match Game

We’ve all heard of Moana and Elsa but do you know the names of the people responsible for bringing them into this world? In this Disney Parents Match game, you’ll match the popular Disney character to the name of their parent.

free printable baby shower games bundle

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Challenge guests to unscramble common baby terms in PJs and Paint’s Baby Word Scramble printable. She has three different color options, so this classic game will match no matter what your party theme is!

baby shower animal game

Animal Pregnancies Printable Game

Do you know how long the gestation period is for different animals? Guess the length of Animal Pregnancies in this free printable from Paper Trail Design, complete with answer key. Some are as short as 12 days!

guess who mommy or daddy printable baby shower game

Mommy or Daddy Guess Who Game

Guess who said it, baby’s mommy or daddy, with this Mommy or Daddy Guess Who Game. Guests will have to decide which parent is more likely to do certain things once their baby arrives!

Baby Name Race

Set a time limit as baby shower attendees write down one baby name for each letter of the alphabet. Lil Luna’s Baby Name Race game is trickier than it seems! This one would be a great icebreaker to play for small or large groups.

baby shower pictionary game printable

Baby Shower Pictionary

Get everyone laughing with this fun Baby Shower Pictionary game from Fun Squared. Groups will be cracking up as they have to draw different baby-related words and try to get their team to guess what it is. Reward the person or group who guesses the most correct answers!

name that baby funny free baby shower game

Name That Baby Song

See how well everyone knows pop culture songs with this Name That Baby Song printable. Some songs might be more obvious, while others could stump guests. Get everyone signing with this one!

celebrity name game printable baby shower games

Celebrity Baby Name Game

Some people really know their celebrity couples but do you know the names of their babies? Test guests knowledge with the Celebrity Baby Name Game from For the Love of George. It’s also available in girly pink!

Baby Around the World baby shower game

Baby Around The World

How many different ways do you know how to say “baby”? Another printable from Tula Mama, this printable Baby Around The World game is so unique.

baby trivia printable party game

Baby Trivia

See how much your baby shower guests know about babies with this Baby Trivia game. It comes with nine different questions that are definitely a challenge!

what in the purse baby game

What’s In Your Purse?

Send everyone digging through their bags for various items with the What’s In Your Purse printable game. Guests can rack up points for lugging more around! You’ll have some good laughs as they realize just how much they carry around!

Free printable nursery rhyme baby shower game

Nursery Rhyme Game

Test your memory with this adorable Nursery Rhyme Game by Bababop. You’ll be surprised how stumped your guests might be with this one!

Baby shower mad libs

Baby Shower Mad Libs

Get guests roaring with a hilarious game of Baby Shower Mad Libs! This game is available as a free printable in a variety of colors: blueyellow and pink! They’ll be plenty of smiles with this unique baby shower game.

Wishes for baby printable

Wishes For Baby Printable

Nothing is sweeter than sending your love and best wishes for a brand new baby-to-be! Use this Wishes for Baby printable form to leave behind a beautiful memory for everyone to cherish!

Enjoying playing these fun printable games at your next baby shower party! Which one is your favorite?

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