Road Trip Bingo Game – Free Printable

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Going on a road trip? Use our free printable road trip bingo game cards to keep everyone busy during the long drive! Fun for all ages!

Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Cards

printable road trip bingo activity

This post may contain affiliate links. I will receive a small commission from these sales at no additional cost to you!

Is your family headed out on an epic road trip this year? Keep everyone entertained and having fun on the road with this awesome Road Trip Bingo game! Free printable bingo game cards are fun for the whole family!

Road Trip Bingo Printables

Games are one of the most entertaining ways to pass the time on a long road trip, and this fun bingo game is simple enough that everyone from preschoolers to adults can join in on the fun!

cookie sheet and magnets

One of my favorite ways to use these games in the car is with a magnet board (or cookie sheet) and a set of magnets as markers. This helps to ensure that the pieces don’t move around and stay in place during the entire ride. These push pin magnets are extra strong, so this game isn’t going anywhere, even if the road gets rough or windy! 

Road Trip Bingo Game and Magnets on a Magnetic Board

Such a smart idea, right?

This printable road trip bingo set contains eight different cards, which should be more than enough for everyone in the car to have their own game board.

bingo game being played with markers

How to Play Bingo: 

  • Print out a bingo card for each player and give each player one set of markers. 
  • There are two different ways you may choose to play the road trip version of this game and have players “claim” bingo spaces: Option 1) All players who see a single bingo item (road sign, etc.) during the drive can call out the item and mark the space on their game board. Option 2) Only the first player to shout out a bingo item can claim it and mark their game board. Note: Option 1 generally works best with short road trips; Option 2 is ideal for longer drives.
  • Cover the corresponding image on the bingo card with a marker (magnets are my favorite markers for road trips, but M&MsJellybeans, and Cheerios all make great markers, too!).
  • To win a round of Classic Bingo, a player must cover 5 spaces in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and shout out “BINGO!” before any of the other players.
  • To win a round of Blackout Bingo, a player must cover all 25 spaces on their game board and shout out “BINGO!” before any of the other players.

printable road trip bingo activity

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Road Trip Bingo Prizes:

Check out these super awesome travel games and activities that would make fantastic prizes for the winner of Road Trip Bingo!


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free printable road trip bingo cards


free printable road trip bingo game


free printable road trip bingo game for kids


free printable road trip game for in the car


free printable road trip game


    1. This one does not have calling cards as it was designed to be covered when you pass each item on the road during your trip, but you can easily print an extra copy of one of the game cards and cut it up to make calling cards if you’d rather do that instead!

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