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These easy shark crafts for kids are so much fun to make at home, or in the classroom! They take minimal materials to make, and are great fun for kids of all ages!

shark crafts for kids

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With the endless days of Summer getting nearer, you may be wondering how you can keep the kids entertained. Crafts are a great way to get the kids engaged and out of the “I’m bored” mentality. Plus, it’s a really fun way to spend time together as a family. What says fun-in-the-sun beach days like a bunch of sharks?

Okay, so you may not want to get too close to one of these toothy guys in real life but have no fear— the creative projects on this list of shark crafts for kids are totally cute and friendly. Not scary at all!

Shark crafts are such a fun way to kick off summer, so let’s gather up the kiddos and the craft supplies and get to work. Jaw’ll ready for this? It’s going to be Jaw-some! (I’ll see myself out. 😂😂😂)

Shark Books to Pair with Shark Crafts

It’s always great fun to pair a book with a craft! It’s a bit of education and a bit of entertainment all in one. If you’re looking for some great shark books for a Shark Week lesson plan, or just to learn about these incredible ocean animals, check out some of our favorite books for a shark lover!

  1. The Ultimate Book of Sharks (National Geographic Kids)
  2. Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist (An excellent story for girls!)
  3. Clark the Shark (Check out the entire series!)
  4. Cedric the Shark Gets Toothache! (Only available on Kindle)
  5. Baby Shark Saves the Day (Helps kids handle difficult emotions)

Now, let’s get to the list of the best shark crafts for kids!

Fun Shark Crafts for Kids

rocking paper shark craft for kids

Rocking Paper Plate Shark Craft

Rocking Paper Plate Shark Craft from Artsy Momma: With just a few supplies, you can make a super cool paper plate shark that rocks back and forth! If you need to save time on this great craft, start with gray paper plates, so you don’t have to paint them. If you don’t find gray, a blue plate works nicely, too.

circle shark craft for children

Circle Shark Craft

Circle Shark Craft from Our Kid Things: Sharks are intimidating creatures in real life, but you have to admit that this little guy is pretty cute with his big, toothy grin. Using wood circles makes these cute sharks extra sturdy in case you want to turn them into magnets, but if you can’t find wooden circles, simply cut out cardboard circles instead. They need to be about 6 inches in diameter.

cupcake liner shark craft activity

Cupcake Liner Shark

Cupcake Liner Shark from I Heart Crafty Things: Use a couple of cupcake liners to make this smiling shark. Don’t worry if you don’t have gray or silver cupcake liners; your child can paint or color some white ones instead. Attach a couple of googly eyes for a super silly shark craft!

shark with ocean scene shark kids project

Shark and Ocean Scene Craft

Shark and Ocean Scene Craft from Messy Little Monster: This fun shark craft combines lots of different materials to make a cool ocean scene that little kids will love. Make the shark using the printable shark template. The seaweed, coral, and ocean bottom are made with tissue paper. Finally, real shells are added to complete the scene.

printable shark puppets for kids

Printable Shark Puppets

Printable Shark Puppets from Picklebums: Print these sharks to make puppets to sing along to your toddler’s favorite song—Baby Shark! We apologize in advance for getting that song stuck in your head. Puppets include Baby, Mama, Daddy, Grandma, and Grandpa sharks, as well as a fish that swims away from the hungry sharks.

toilet paper roll shark craft

Toilet Paper Roll Shark

Toilet Paper Roll Shark from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops: Save your toilet paper rolls to make a whole shiver of sharks. Yes, that’s really what you call a group of sharks—a shiver! This simple cardboard tube craft comes together quickly, aside from paint drying time. Kids will have a blast playing with their sharks when they’re finished.

feed the shark sorting game for kids

Feed the Shark Sorting Game

Feed the Shark Sorting Game from Hunny I’m Home: Here’s a game and a simple craft in one! Use the free printable template and toilet paper tubes to make the sharks and the fish. Then, practice color sorting with the kids. Toddlers and preschoolers will ask to play again and again.

printable paper shark craft for kids

Printable Paper Shark Craft

Printable Paper Shark Craft from Mama Likes This: Make this easy craft as simple or fancy as you’d like. The shark is easy—just print and assemble. But you can get crafty by making a watercolor background to put him on. Other ideas include a background made with tissue paper squares in various shades of blue, or kids can use crayons to color a blue background.

hammerhead shark craft for kids

Hammerhead Shark Craft

Hammerhead Shark Craft from Craft, Play, Learn: We tend to focus so much on Great White Sharks for Shark Week, but let’s not forget the very interesting-looking Hammerhead Sharks! This will be a fun addition to your project or as part of a shark or ocean-themed unit study.

craft stick shark craft

Craft Stick Sharks

Craft Stick Sharks from Our Kid Things: Gather some craft sticks, glue, and paint (and a few other materials) to make these silly sharks. Not only is it a fun craft for a Shark Week party, but it’s great for focusing on triangle shapes, too. The dorsal fin, side fins, tail, and teeth are all triangles.

Hammerhead Shark Magnet

Hammerhead Shark Magnet from Kids Activities Blog: Make this hammerhead shark magnet so you can hang your other cool shark crafts on the fridge for display! It’s made with a clothespin and blue foam sheets, but construction paper is fine if you don’t have foam sheets on hand.

Corner Shark Bookmark

Corner Shark Bookmark from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff!: Take a bite out of a good book, use this shark corner bookmark to save your place! Cut out the pieces by hand (or use your Cricut), and then start folding and assembling. This fun project would make cute party favors for a shark-themed party or pool party.

Easy Paper Shark Craft

Easy Paper Shark Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: This simple paper shark can be the inspiration for a cute card for Dad for his birthday or Father’s Day. Print it with or without the phrase, “You’re the best daddy shark in the whole ocean.”

Shark Sensory Bottle

Shark Sensory Bottle from Modern Mom Life: This shark sensory bottle is the perfect shark week craft for toddlers or preschoolers. Preschoolers can even help make it themselves, adding the glue, water, and glitter to the bottle. The shark is made out of craft foam, so it’s easy to slide down into the bottle.

Paper Plate Shark Craft

Paper Plate Shark Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun: We love the sparkly accents on this shimmery shark craft. The head, dorsal fin, tail fin, teeth, and spots are all made with sparkly, self-adhesive foam sheets. Of course, you can make a non-sparkly version if you wish.

Paper Plate Shark Puppets

Paper Plate Shark Puppets from Kids’ Craft Room: Make these shark puppets with movable jaws to chomp down on some paper fish! Kids will get a kick out of chasing each other around with their chomping shark crafts.

Recycled Newspaper Shark Craft

Recycled Newspaper Shark Craft from Little Fish: Kids can practice fine motor skills tearing a newspaper into pieces to make these newspaper sharks. Remember to have them wash their hands after tearing the paper since they’ll likely get some ink on their hands. Little ones may need help cutting thick cardboard. You could try cardstock if cutting cardboard is too tough.

Feed the Shark Sensory Bag

Feed the Shark Sensory Bag from Kids Activities Blog: Use blue hair gel and foam sheets to make this fun feed the shark bag. Move the tiny fish toward the shark’s mouth! Kids will come back to this bag again and again.

lego sharks shark week for kids easy shark kids craft idea

Lego Sharks

Lego Sharks from Little Bins for Little Hands: Lego-loving kids will go crazy for this shark themed craft. Grab gray, blue, and white bricks to make some fearsome sharks out of your blocks.

Pool Noodle shark crafts in the grass

Pool Noodle Shark Craft

Pool Noodle Shark Craft from Views from a Step Stool: You likely have some pool noodles somewhere if your kids love water as much as ours, so cut up a few to make some pool noodle sharks. You could even make them waterproof by using foam sheets to make the teeth instead of paper or cardboard. 

Make a whole batch of these cute shark crafts with your scout groups, class, or just your own kids! Which one of these adorable shark crafts is your favorite?! Pin this list of creative ideas for the next time you’re ready to have a swimming good time while crafting!

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