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This is the BEST Strawberry Milkshake recipe ever! Lemon juice, maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and vanilla extract are a unique and delicious way to brighten up this classic favorite. A light, delicious, and super easy summer dessert!

Strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and strawberry garnish

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There’s nothing better than a fresh homemade strawberry milkshake, but some recipes that simply include fruit, ice cream and milk often fall flat. Our strawberry shake recipe doesn’t include ANY milk* and instead relies on other flavor-packed liquid ingredients to punch things up. The results speak for themselves – this is the BEST strawberry milkshake recipe EVER!

* Note: depending on the strength of your blender, you may need to add a VERY small amount of milk in order to blend the ingredients. We use a Vitamix blender, and we have not needed to add any additional liquid to our recipe.

How to Make the Best Strawberry Milkshake

Overhead view of strawberry milkshake recipe ingredients on marble background

Supplies Needed:

  • Strawberry Ice Cream (may substitute vanilla ice cream if desired)
  • Strawberries: fresh strawberries will provide the best flavor, but frozen strawberries will also work
  • Lemon Juice: fresh lemon juice always tastes best, but lemon juice from concentrate can also be used
  • Maple Syrup: use high-quality pure maple syrup for best results
  • Vanilla Extract: pure vanilla extract is best
  • You will also need a blender or food processor and (3) 16-ounce glasses.

As always, using high-quality fresh ingredients will produce the best results, but feel free to make substitutions as necessary!

Strawberry ice cream in blender surrounded by other strawberry milkshake ingredients

First, add the ice cream to the blender or food processor.

Overhead view of strawberries in glass blender

Next, add the strawberries to the blender, followed by the maple syrup, lemon juice, and vanilla extract.

Overhead view of freshly blended pink strawberry milkshake in blender

Blend until smooth. If your blender isn’t powerful enough to process the ingredients, you may wish to add a small amount of milk to the mixture – just enough to loosen the ingredients and assist in the blending process. We like using almond milk or coconut milk if necessary, but feel free to use whatever suits your taste.

Extreme close up of Strawberry Milkshake in a Blender
Pouring a Strawberry Milkshake from a glass blender into a glass mason jar mug

Pour the strawberry milkshake into cups (we used three 16-ounce mason jar mugs).

Freshly poured pink strawberry milkshake in glass mason jar mug
Overhead view of two strawberry milkshakes in glass mugs

YUMMMM! This strawberry milkshake looks pretty delicious as-is, but a little garnish will take things to the next level!

Close up of whipped cream and strawberry garnish on top of a strawberry milkshake

A dollop of fluffy whipped cream, a sliced strawberry, and a fresh mint sprig dresses things up and makes this milkshake look absolutely irresistible! 😋 

Yummy strawberry milkshakesin glass mugs with whipped cream and strawberry garnish and pink striped straws

Frequently Asked Strawberry Milkshake Questions

Glass mug filled with pink strawberry milkshake with whipped cream and strawberry garnish

How should I store this Strawberry Milkshake?

You can store this strawberry milkshake in the freezer, preferably in an airtight container, though it can also be kept in the glass and wrapped in plastic. Let the milkshake sit out to thaw for several minutes before drinking, or put it in the microwave for 15-second intervals, stirring after each, until it’s a drinkable consistency.

Two strawberry milkshakes in glass mugs with pink striped straws and strawberries

How else can I change up my milkshake?

This strawberry milkshake recipe can be made as healthy or unhealthy as you would like! For a slightly healthier version, use low-fat ice cream made from natural ingredients. You can also include protein powder, ground flax seed, or collagen powder for increased health benefits. Different types of fruit such as raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, oranges, or kiwis can be used as well (in addition to or in place of the strawberries) and offer their own nutritional benefits. Adding a handful of spinach to the milkshake won’t alter the flavor profile and adds a boost of healthy nutrients.

On the other hand, you could also make this milkshake even more decadent by adding chocolate syrup, Oreo cookies, or strawberry syrup for additional flavor!

Strawberry milkshake in glass mug with whipped cream, strawberry, and mint leaf garnish

Homemade Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

two strawberry milkshakes in glass cups

The Best Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Yields: 3 16-oz Servings

What You’ll Need:

  • 1.5 quarts (6 cups) Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 2 cups Strawberries, stemmed and quartered
  • 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tbsp Pure Maple Syrup
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Whipped Cream, Strawberries, & Mint Leaves optional, for garnish


  • In a blender or food processor, blend together the ice cream, strawberries, lemon juice, maple syrup, and vanilla.
  • Pour into milkshake glasses and garnish with strawberries, whipped cream, and fresh mint if desired.


If your blender can’t handle blending the ingredients together, add in a small amount of your milk of choice to help loosen the ingredients.
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This yummy strawberry shake recipe is sure to become a family favorite!

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the best ever homemade strawberry milkshake
the best ever homemade strawberry milkshake

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