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Carrot Treat Bags filled with yummy popcorn is a super cute and easy-to-whip-up Easter treat! Kids of all ages will love these fun Easter treat bags shaped like carrots!

popcorn carrot easter treat bags

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I am a total sucker for cute holiday food, and these Easter carrot treat bags are seriously adorable! They’re also super quick and easy to make, which is a requirement for almost all of my projects these days. You can make these fun Easter treat bags for ALL of the kiddos in just a few minutes with minimal effort and supplies – you can’t beat that!

orange food coloring spray being sprayed onto popcorn

If using plain popcorn, start by spraying the popcorn orange with food coloring spray. Stir the popcorn around and continue to spray until all surfaces are colored. Allow the popcorn to dry for a couple of minutes (it doesn’t take long).

orange popcorn on baking sheet with clear plastic treat bags

Grab the cone-shaped treat bags, and start filling, leaving the top 2.5″ unfilled.

popcorn filled inside of treat bag next to sheets of green paper

Cut approximately a 6″ square from green paper, and use scissors or an X-Acto knife to fringe the paper as shown.

green paper strips added to carrot treat bag topper

Roll up the fringed piece of green paper, insert it into the top of the treat bag, and use the twist ties to close the bag. Use your fingers to gently curl and fluff the green paper strips to look like a carrot top.

carrot treat bags for easter next to dyed easter eggs

Easy peasy, and SUPER cute!

carrot treat bags for easter kids snack

Easter treat bags don’t get much cuter than these “carrots!” If you’re not a fan of popcorn, Goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, and Cheetos are a few more orange food options, or if you’d prefer to stick to healthy foods, mandarin orange slices, and actual carrots would be great, too!

popcorn carrot easter treat bags

These carrot treat bags are sure to be a HUGE hit with the kids on Easter!

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quick and easy popcorn carrot easter treat bags
quick and easy popcorn treat bags

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