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This Halloween charades printable is a spooky Halloween game that you can print out and play at your Halloween party, game night, as a family, at school, or even with coworkers during your lunch break! Get your pantomime skills ready to play Halloween charades!

halloween charades printable game cards

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Free Printable Halloween Charades Game

We love no-prep games around here because they are ready to go and don’t require any extra equipment. (And who doesn’t need a little more easy?) All you need to do is print it out and PLAY! Our Halloween charades printable has everything you need for a frighteningly fun Halloween game. The only thing you’ll have to do is bring your acting skills!

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Printable Halloween Charades Game

printable charades halloween game

How to Play Charades

  • Print out and cut the Halloween charade cards and put them all in a bucket or hat. You can use a jack-o-lantern bucket or witches’ cauldron to stick with the Halloween theme.
free printable halloween game cards being cut
  • One person grabs a charade card from the bucket and acts out what is on the card. They can’t speak, point to objects or people in the room, or make any lip movements.
cut game cards for printable charades game for kids
  • Players guess what they think is on the card. The first person to guess the correct word or phrase on the card gets a point.
  • You can play as singles or in teams. To play as a team, divide into two teams. Players will act out the word or phrase on the card and only their teammates can guess. Set a timer for 2 to 3 minutes and if no one on the team guesses it, the other team gets their chance!
  • The team or person with the most points at the end WINS!
free printable halloween game for kids

These cards are perfect for playing the game of charades, but aren’t just limited to that! You can also use these cards for playing other Halloween games such as Pictionary and HedBandz!

halloween game cards charades printable game

There are 16 cards total, ranging in difficulty level. Some will be a little easier (acting out a mummy). While some will be more challenging! (How about acting out a spiderweb?) Put your pantomime skills to the test and have fun with these Halloween charades!

Get the Halloween Charades Game Cards Here

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Don’t forget to pin these Halloween Charades Cards for later!

free printable halloween charades game
free printable halloween charades game
free printable halloween charades game

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