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A few days ago, I talked about How to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time (without a struggle!), and I shared a technique that our family is using to allow the children to earn their screen time. I shared a few examples of the chores and activities that our kids do to earn their screen time, and I had some requests that asked me if I would be willing to share the full list of ideas with you (of course!).

Chores and Ways to Help Out and Earn Screen Time Printable

Here’s our full list of the chore options that my boys can select from and how much screen time they are able to earn. Some of the easier chores that earn a full 15 minutes of screen time are generally reserved for the youngest member of our family since he isn’t able to do some of the more difficult tasks. 

How to Earn and Manage Your Child's Screen Time

In case you missed the other post, here’s a quick recap of how I keep track of each child’s earned screen time:

I came up with a simple system that utilizes a glass jar for each child along with craft sticks that each represent 15 minutes of screen time. When the child earns screen time, I place a craft stick into their jar. When they want to redeem their stick for screen time, they simply take the stick(s) out of the jar and give it back to me. We set a timer for the appropriate amount of time, and when the timer goes off, so does the screen. Easy peasy!

Since introducing this system, we have not only reduced our children’s screen time dramatically, we have also greatly increased the amount of housework and chores that they’ve completed!

Testing the New Dyson Vacuum

We recently received a Dyson Absolute cordless vacuum from our friends at QVC, so cleaning the floors and rugs has quickly become my boys’ favorite chore. 

child vacuuming kitchen floors

It is SO nice to have a lightweight cordless vacuum that allows my boys to clean up their own messes without any assistance from Mom! Plus, cleaning the floors is a super quick and easy way for the kids to earn screen time, so we’re all happy!

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  1. Thank you so very much for the great chart! It is exactly what our family has needed. I am raising 3 busy boys and they often make messes with disregard, knowing that Mom will clean it up. I have been super stressed trying to maintain our busy life and messy house. We started your chart for Christmas break and I had so much time today with their help that we went to the movies and played a board game! Mommy is super happy, the house is nice and neat and the kids are very happy with the extra attention they received, not to mention their 2 hours of video game time.

  2. Great chart! I’m going to add it to my list of recommended reading on screen time on my blog Thanks!!

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