Disney’s FROZEN the Movie Party

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Disney's FROZEN Movie

I come from a huge family, and I am blessed to have a bunch of sisters and cousins that I consider to be my very best friends. Every year since before I was born our families would get together to celebrate Christmas at my aunt Heidi’s house, but this year marks the first year of new traditions. My aunt recently sold her home, and the annual large and crazy holiday gathering will no longer take place. I took it upon myself to plan and host a smaller and more intimate holiday kids’ party so that my boys and their closest cousins can continue to make holiday memories together.

FROZEN Toys & Merchandise at Walmart

I had originally planned on a snowflake theme for our party, and when I went to Walmart to shop for party supplies, I was blown away by their selection of merchandise from the new Disney FROZEN movie! I figured that a snowflake party and Disney’s FROZEN go perfectly hand-in-hand, so I filled my cart with lots of FROZEN goodies including books, dolls, and talking snowmen as our holiday gifts and party favors for the kids. I also picked up the FROZEN Small Doll Complete Story Set, and they worked perfectly as accent decorations for our food tables on party day.

FROZEN Anna and Elsa Figurines

Elsa and Anna dolls dressed up our hot cocoa bar and beverage station.

FROZEN Sven and Olaf Figurines and Snow Ball Donuts

Sven the reindeer and Olaf the snowman looked totally cute perched atop boxes of “snowball” powdered donuts!

Fun FROZEN Printable Coloring Sheets Activity

I printed out some fun FROZEN coloring pages and mazes, and set up our train table as a coloring station for the kids.

kids and family Coloring at the Disney FROZEN Party

Who knew that everyone would love it as much as they did?! It was the perfect activity to keep the kids occupied while all of the guests were arriving, and it gave the parents a few minutes to relax and catch up while the kids were playing independently.

Snowflake Sugar Cookies on winter plate

I like to do as much prep as I can in the day or two before the party, so I baked a bunch of snowflake shaped sugar cookies and mixed up my icing the night before so that everything was ready to go.

Snowflake Sugar Cookie Decorating ingredients

Cookies, icing, sprinkles, and chocolate candies (with a side of donuts!)…sounds like a perfect way to keep the kids busy and happy!

kids enjoying Snowflake Sugar Cookie Decorating Activity

Each child received their own mini tray to keep the icing and sprinkle mess to a minimum, and the trays worked perfectly for transporting all of their extra sweet treats home. ALL of the kids were very insistent about sharing their cookies with Sven the reindeer!

Photo Fun at our Disney FROZEN Holiday Party

I used this FROZEN poster as the centerpiece for our photo area, and the kids loved having their picture taken with Olaf the snowman! They’re sitting down here since my older boys are ridiculously tall, but all of the little kids were the perfect height for standing eye-to-eye with the silly snowman for their photos. SO much fun!

Snow Dough for Disney FROZEN Party

The kids also had a chance to play with “No Melt Snow Dough” during the party – unfortunately, I overcooked it a bit so the texture was a bit more crumbly than I wanted it to be, but the kids loved it! It turns out that “it just makes it more like real snow” according to my seven-year-old!

FROZEN Sven and Hans Figurines

Hans and Sven had to get in on the snow dough fun too, naturally! Sven was the life of the party – first donuts, then cookies and now snow dough!

FROZEN Party Gifts wrapped

Before our guests went home for the evening, we presented everyone with a holiday gift. My six-year-old helped wrap the presents, and he chose all kinds of pretty wrapping papers that kept with our icy theme.

FROZEN Toys and Gifts

Everyone was so excited to find FROZEN toys, books and dolls in their packages!

kids having Photo Booth Fun at our Disney FROZEN Holiday Party

We had SO much fun at our FROZEN party, and I’m already looking forward to celebrating with this new holiday tradition next year!

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  1. it is awesome to know that a party can be made using creativity, in a way that kid can have fun! it is not necessary to spend lots of money, just to plan thins in advance. And the toys used in decoration will for sure be used to play after the party

  2. It looks like the children have lots of fun, and everything came out real nice. Its so sad that the store can’t keep anything in stock, cause people buy in bulk, then turn around and sell the item on Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc for as high as TRIPLE THE PRICE! so sad! What do you tell your child who want a Elsa dress that cost $300. Its just crazy.

  3. Wow! Thank u for the lovely ideas on Frozen themed party! I was browsing to find ideas as my daughter 6th bday is coming up and she loves the show! We r from Bali, Indonesia and we can’t find anything on this. But thnk gawd my cuz is in the states. Did u get the posters from Walmart too? Cause I’ll prob ask her to send it over. Most of it. Lol! Happy hols!

  4. Heidi this party looks like so much fun, wish I was part of your family! Love all of the cute ideas, especially since the no melt snow dough, just like Olaf!

  5. Just took my granddaughter to see this and I’ve been looking for all the fun stuff to give her for Christmas, but I haven’t been to Walmart yet! I’m headed there tomorrow! I think your party looked amazing! So much fun!!! xo

  6. Oh what fun! I LOVE everything about this FROZEN party! And, how sweet that everyone got special presents! Thanks for linking to my FROZEN printables post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great party! #client

  7. Such a fun party – so lucky we were invited!! Zoey had tons of fun, loves her “princess” and could have colored all day long – Thanks Heidi!!

  8. I’ve been waiting for this post! The kids had so much fun that day. You really did a wonderful job of making our kids’ Christmas get together super special!

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