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These 20+ Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids are fun for all ages! Recycled crafts, Earth Day coloring pages, and more Earth Day activities that are sure to be a hit!

earth day kids craft ideas

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Celebrate our planet and teach kids about the importance of taking care of it with these fun Earth Day Crafts for kids!

Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on April 22nd each year. This date marks the beginning of the modern environmental movement more than 50 years ago, and is often celebrated with activities to better our planet. People join together to collect trash, plant trees and flowers, gather recyclables, and honor our planet.

On Earth Day, people often create artwork using recycled materials, and this collection of Earth Day crafts and activities have some great examples of recycled crafts that you can create. Using crafts is a fun way to introduce topics like reducing pollution and recycling to children of all ages.

You’ll find lots of fun options to choose from in this collection such as coloring sheets and headbands, handprint crafts, and more creative ideas featuring our precious planet Earth.

Fun Earth Day Crafts for Kids

printable earth day coloring pages

Our Earth Day Coloring Sheet is a terrific way to kick off your Earth Day activities. Color the earth with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. You could also paint it with watercolors (print on thick paper for this) or tear pieces of blue and green paper to create a torn-paper mosaic.

happy earth day recycled seed paper card

Do something good for the Earth this April. Make Recycled Plantable Seed Paper to give to friends, neighbors, or classmates. You’ll recycle and shred paper that you have at home to make new paper filled with seeds. Wildflower seeds are a great choice!

tissue paper milk carton bird house

Taking care of our fellow creatures is an important aspect of taking care of the earth. Make a Milk Carton Birdhouse/Bird Feeder to provide food and shelter for our feathered friends.

earth day colored playdough

For a fun sensory activity, make Earth Day Playdough. Use homemade playdough, or pick up a couple of green and blue canisters at the store, and you’re all set! Encourage your kids to make a model of the earth, either in a round ball 3D form or by cutting the dough into flat shapes once the colors are mixed.

earth smiling using kids handprint

This Handprint Earth Craft by Simple Everyday Mom is perfect for preschoolers and Kindergarteners. It’s a fun way to introduce the concept of caring for the earth while at the same time making a lovely handprint keepsake for parents to add to their scrapbooks.

earth day flower craft for kids

How beautiful is this Earth Day Flower Craft by ABCs of Literacy? It’s made with cupcake liners, paper straws, and construction paper. The earth template makes it super easy to create your earth-themed flowers in no time!

paper quilled to make an earth with a heart

Paper quilling is a fun and creative way to make art! This Paper Quilled Earth Day Craft by Projects with Kids incorporates several different art techniques. First, you’ll paint the night sky using a gentle splatter technique. Then, you’ll create paper quills to fill in the earth with circular, tear-drop, and football-shaped quills.

earth day black glue craft for kids

Want to make the colors in your art projects really pop? Outline them with black glue! You can see just how stunning it is with this gorgeous Earth Day Black Glue Craft from Messy Little Monster.

earth day printable headband worn by child

This Earth Day Headband by Simple Everyday Mom is such a fun craft for kids and students to make this April. It’s done in black and white so kids can color in the headband themselves. Since the earth is smiling, it’s a fantastic opportunity to talk to little kids about different ways we can make the earth “smile.”

handprint on paper plate makes earth

Use your handprint to make this cute Earth Day Handprint Paper Plate Craft by Non-Toy Gifts. Stamp your handprint in green and then create the oceans with a q-tip using the pointillism technique.

earth day mickey mouse ears crafts

Who’s as obsessed with Disney as we are? We love this Disney-Inspired Earth Day Craft by Grace, Giggles, and Naptime. It’s made by dyeing coffee filters blue and green to look like the earth and then arranging them into the shape of Mickey’s head. They’ll look so pretty in your windows with the sun shining through.

earth made from salt dough craft

Make ornaments or a pretty necklace to celebrate the day. You can create either from this Earth Day Salt Dough Craft by Little Bins for Little Hands. Since it’s made from simple household ingredients, you can make it right away with your kids!

paper mache planet earth craft

Whether you’re making a solar system model, planning a space-themed party, or celebrating Earth Day, this Paper Mache Planet Earth by The Purposeful Nest is a fun project to do. It could also be a creative geography project or a pinata!

earth day paper heart craft for kids

Show how much you love the planet with this sweet Earth Day Heart Craft by Non-Toy Gifts. This torn paper mosaic is excellent fine motor practice for little hands. 

earth day painted bucket with a heart

If you’re a coffee drinker, you probably use some k-cups nearly every day. Save a few for this fun K-Cup Earth Day Craft from Artsy Momma. It’s the perfect craft for a lesson on recycling!

earth wearing bandages being held

Want to learn more about taking care of the earth? Read some books on going green, and mark your place with this adorable Earth Day Corner Bookmark by Red Ted Art. The kids will love making these cute bookmarks to keep their pages.

earth day crayons with earth colors

Don’t toss out your old crayons. Turn the blue and green ones into Earth Day Crayons! This tutorial from Emma Owl shows you how to recycle broken crayons to make new ones. They make great classroom prizes and party favors.

toilet paper tube earth day windsocks

If you’re enjoying nice, breezy spring weather, make these Earth Day Windsocks by I Heart Crafty Things. They’re easy to put together and fun to watch as the streamers blow in the wind!

hands hugging paper plate earth

Show kids that the earth is in their hands—that as they grow and learn, the responsibility of caring for the planet is partly theirs, too. This Hands Holding the Earth Art by Fun Handprint Art is an excellent craft for introducing the idea, and it makes a beautiful keepsake for the scrapbook, too.

earth day upcycled plastic suncatchers

Turn any thin, clear plastic into some Upcycled Plastic Suncatchers. This craft by Books and Giggles shows kids that they can create new things out of ordinary materials that would otherwise likely go to a landfill. They’ll look gorgeous hanging near a window where the light can catch them.

There are so many fun Earth Day crafts and activities in this collection!

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  1. Love these earth day crafts! We’ll be making some blue & green slime for earth day too! We just did DIY terrarium necklaces to learn about the water cycle and have a fun spring craft that I think would be fun for Earth Day too!