These Easy Christmas Stockings are one of the 50 FREE patterns included with the new Cricut Maker machine! Find out why this machine is a game-changer for sewing, and get the tutorial for how to make Christmas stockings of your own!

simon custom kitty themed stocking on mantel
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I recently introduced y’all to the amazing new Cricut Maker machine, and today I want to talk to you all about one of the fantastic bonuses that come along with the Maker – FIFTY super awesome ready-to-make projects!

The 50 projects include many different types of craft mediums, but since the Cricut Maker is known for being a game-changer in the sewing industry, it’s no surprise that over half of the projects included are sewing projects. Don’t sew? Honestly, I don’t sew very frequently either, but the Cricut Maker machine MAKES ME WANT TO SEW! Seriously, with precise machine-cut pieces that save you TONS of time and effort, all that’s left for you to do is the fun part! I can actually foresee many more sewing projects in my future because the Maker makes it SO simple!

Last year, my boys asked me if I would make a Christmas stocking for our kitty, Lucy, so when I spied an easy Christmas Stocking pattern among the Cricut Maker projects, I knew it would be the perfect sewing project for me and my Cricut Maker!

cricut maker and cricut fabric
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To coincide with the release of the Cricut Maker machine and the free project library, Cricut also released a line of fabrics in partnership with Riley Blake Designs, and I LOVE the prints! This fabric collection is called Creative Rockstar, and I used the polka dot print for the cuff and lining of my easy Christmas stockings.

cricut fabric choices laid out

For the other stocking fabrics, I chose to stick with a black, white, and red theme to match our current holiday decor.

Supplies Used for Easy Christmas Stockings:

cricut cutting fabric materials

To begin, I cut all of my fabric to size as instructed in the project directions. Each project comes with a printable set of assembly instructions and a supply list, so it’s easy to follow along. The Christmas stocking pattern requires 1/3 yard each of the main body print and the lining fabrics as well as a fat quarter of the heel/toe print. Once the fabric pieces have been cut to size to fit your pink FabricGrip cutting mat, the design software will prompt you to load each mat into the Cricut Maker one at a time to cut your pattern pieces.

Note: make sure that you are loading the mat with the right side of the fabric facing DOWN onto the mat!

fabric cut out of stocking pattern

The first two mats will cut your inside lining pieces.

stocking heel patterns cut out with cricut

Mat #3 will cut both sets of heel and toe pieces. You can opt to use the 12×24 or the 12×12 FabricGrip mat for Mat #3.

stocking fabrics assembled into cute diy kitty cat stocking

Mat #4 and #5 will cut the two main body panels which will be sewn to the heel and toe pieces.

pinning portions of stocking for sewing

Attaching the heel and toe pieces is the first step in sewing your pattern. Sewing a concave curve to a convex curve can be tricky, so go slow and use LOTS of pins (even if it doesn’t look pretty!). For some tips and tricks, I highly recommend watching this YouTube video: Sewing Concave and Convex Seams

clipping curved pieces of stocking heel

After you sew all of the heel and toe seams, carefully notch along the curves and then press the seams open. This will allow the curves to lay flat.

stocking sewed together for christmas

Ta da! Now, place both of the stocking pieces right sides together, and sew along the edges (except for the top edge). Repeat the process for the lining fabric and follow the steps included in the pattern to attach the lining fabric to the main stocking body.

top stitching the stocking using sewing machine

After attaching the lining fabric to the stocking body, top stitch along the edge to finish.

easy christmas stocking pattern and tutorial

Turn the cuff over and press – easy peasy!

christmas stocking and cricut easypress

Now, you may have noticed that the name on the stocking did NOT end up saying Lucy, the name of our kitty, as planned. Instead, it says Simon, my cat-loving seven-year-old, who decided that this new stocking was destined to be his instead of the cat’s. 😉

I used the Cricut Maker and the fine-point blade to cut his name out of red iron-on vinyl and then used my AMAZING new Cricut EasyPress to apply the name to the cuff of the stocking. (You can read all about why we LOVE the EasyPress here!)

easypressed name on top of stocking

Adding his name literally took about two minutes worth of work! SO easy, but totally adorable!

cute diy cat stocking that reads SIMON

I absolutely love the way that this stocking turned out, and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be making these for all of our family members before Christmas this year!

simon name on stocking with black and white kitty faces

This Cricut Maker sewing project was simple and easy-to-follow; however, I do want to note that it took me longer to make one single stocking than I anticipated. The project directions indicate that this is an intermediate pattern that will take 1-2 hours, and it did take me about 1.5 hours to complete (with several interruptions from the seven-year-old along the way!). Time misjudgment aside, this was a SUPER fulfilling project, and I am feeling incredibly inspired and motivated (and dare I say CAPABLE!) to create the other 49 projects on the list now!

Image of text that says Heidi

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Don’t Forget to Pin This Easy Christmas Stocking Pattern for Later! 

Easy Christmas Stockings are one of the 50 FREE patterns included with the new Cricut Maker! Learn how to make Christmas stockings o
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  1. Oh this is so cute! And you make it look SO easy! I was thinking of buying matching stockings this year but maybe I’ll try to make them instead!!