Make your own DIY Personalized Christmas Ornaments with Cricut Infusible Ink! It’s so quick and easy, and the design possibilities are limitless! 

buffalo plaid ornaments made with cricut infusible ink

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Making personalized Christmas ornaments for my boys is one of my favorite holiday traditions each year, and this year I was SUPER excited to have a new medium to Christmas craft with – Cricut Infusible Ink!

If you haven’t tried Infusible Ink yet, you’re missing out because it is AMAZING! It actually fuses with the base material to become one seamless finished piece that won’t ever peel, fade, or crack! You can check out our Beginner’s Guide to Infusible Ink here for more tips and information! 

preview of personalized christmas ornaments with names and images in design space



cricut cutting infusible ink on cutting mat

To begin, open a new project in Cricut Design Space. You can find the project file for the “Merry Christmas Y’all” and “All is Bright” ornaments here. 

Note: To design your own custom holiday ornaments, insert two 2.81″ circles for the front and back of each ornament. Add your favorite holiday images and personalized text to the circle, and use the slice tool to create negative space images of the designs inside the circle. 

tweezers weeding out final cut design

Cut your designs on your Cricut machine (make sure to mirror your image before cutting!), and use your fingers or tweezers to weed the excess Infusible Ink. 

Use a lint-free cloth to remove any dust, debris, or smudges from the surface of the ornament. Place the Infusible Ink face-down on to both sides of the blank ornament, and secure the pieces in place with heat-resistant tape. 

placing the ornaments between sheets of parchment paper

Pre-heat the EasyPress 2 to 400 degrees and set the time for 240 seconds (nope, that’s not a type! You need a full four minutes of heating to create these ornaments!). Place a sheet of cardstock on top of the EasyPress Mat, and then lay a sheet of butcher paper on top of the cardstock. Set the ornaments on top of the butcher paper, and cover with another sheet of butcher paper. 

cricut easy press placed down on top of project with heat settings shown

Gently set the EasyPress 2 on top of the ornaments for 240 seconds – do not apply pressure! When the cycle is complete, place the EasyPress 2 back on its base, and carefully remove the top layer of butcher paper. Use caution as the ornaments will be EXTREMELY HOT! Allow the ornament to cool completely before handling. 

peeling transfer tape off of final ornament design

When the ornament has cooled to the touch, peel back the Infusible Ink sheets to reveal your shiny new customized ornaments!

They’re SO awesome! I love how the ink actually becomes a seamless part of the ornament – it has such a professional high-gloss finish! 

five completed red buffalo plaid christmas ornaments and ribbons
close up of a few ornaments

The ornament blanks come with gold strings for hanging, but I opted to add black and red ribbons to my ornaments for a little more personality. 

infusible ink holiday gift ornaments
ornaments with strings tied from them

I love the way that these turned out, and they were SO easy to make that I can’t stop daydreaming about all the possibilities for next year’s ornaments! 

personalized snowflake christmas ornament

I think this simple snowflake ornament might be my favorite! When my middle son saw that this one had his name on the back of it, his face lit up because apparently, the snowflake was his favorite of the bunch, too! 

cricut made ornaments decorating the christmas tree

They all look amazing hanging up on our Christmas tree! 

buffalo plaid christmas ornament with deer head on it
all is bright christmas tree ornament

Making personalized Christmas ornaments with Cricut Infusible Ink was super quick and easy, and I’m beyond thrilled with the results! I can’t wait to play around with some of the other Infusible Ink patterns and colors and make even more ornaments to add to our collection!

Image of text that says Heidi

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Personalized Buffalo Check Plaid Christmas Ornaments Made with Cricut Infusible Ink
Personalized Christmas Ornaments With Infusible Ink
Personalized Christmas Ornaments With Infusible Ink
Personalized Christmas Ornaments With Infusible Ink

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    1. Hi Jamie,

      The ornaments are made from coated ceramic, so they are shiny to begin with, and they stay shiny after transferring the Infusible Ink. 🙂