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Looking for some new and creative ways to decorate Easter eggs this year? These easy Easter egg decorating ideas are tons of fun for all ages!

fun and easy ways to decorate easter eggs

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Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Get crafty with these fun ways to decorate Easter eggs! If you’re looking to learn How to Dye Easter Eggs with Food Coloring, check out our full step-by-step guide, and if you’re looking to level up your egg decorating game, read on!

Discover new techniques for decorating Easter eggs using acrylic paint, Sharpies, natural materials, and other art supplies. From speckled to bejeweled, from gold leaf to decoupaged napkins, these creative Easter egg decorating ideas are sure to be a HUGE hit! (And they’re easier to make than you might think!

You’ll find a variety of ideas that use hard-boiled eggs, craft eggs, or wooden eggs to decorate with these creative tutorials. Kids and adults alike will be inspired to create these one-of-a-kind Easter eggs, especially the ones decorated to look like chicks, bunnies, emojis, and their favorite characters!

22 Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

lisa frank inspired easter eggs in basket

DIY Lisa Frank Easter Eggs

Flash back to the 80’s and 90’s with these fun Lisa Frank Easter Eggs! A quick and easy Easter craft made with colorful and glittery temporary tattoos! Fun for kids of all ages!
DIY Lisa Frank Easter Eggs by Happiness Is Homemade

dot colored easter eggs in basket

Confetti Painted Easter Eggs

For a minimalist cute and colorful look, grab a pencil with an eraser and dot “confetti” on your eggs. Just dip the eraser in craft paint and dot the eggs in a random pattern. So pretty!
Confetti Painted Easter Eggs by Landee See, Landee Do

diy robins blue eggs in nest

Dyed Robin’s Eggs

If you’ve ever wondered how to get that gorgeous robin’s egg blue color on your hard-boiled eggs, here’s the secret, and it’s all natural! Play around in your kitchen and have fun dying your eggs. Take it a step further by flicking edible gold paint on the eggs for a speckled effect. Beautiful!
Dyed Robin’s Eggs by Honestly Yum

easter eggs with flowers printed on them

Decoupage Easter Eggs

Here’s a creative way to use printed napkins – decoupage them onto Easter eggs! It’s SO easy, and the results are incredible!
Decoupage Easter Eggs by Cutefetti

easter eggs that look like chicks

DIY Baby Chick Easter Eggs

Dress up these cute baby chick Easter eggs by dipping sections in dye and adding details with paper and Sharpie – easy peasy!
DIY Baby Chick Easter Eggs by Tell Love and Party

beaded easter eggs arranged

Beaded Easter Eggs

Bring some bling to your Easter eggs with this sparkly beading technique that’s easier than you might think! These make awesome spring and Easter display eggs!
Beaded Easter Eggs by Two Sisters Crafting

gumball themed easter eggs with jelly beans

Gumball Machine Easter Eggs

Kids will love this egg decorating project! Use the included template to make these adorable gumball machine Easter eggs!
Gumball Machine Easter Eggs by A Joyful Riot

whipped cream tie dyed easter eggs

Dying Easter Eggs With Cool Whip

Kids will love this fun way to color Easter eggs using Cool Whip that’s been swirled with various colors of gel food coloring. The marbled effect is awesome, and it’s so easy to achieve!
Dying Easter Eggs With Cool Whip by Mommy Made That

sharpie silhouettes on easter eggs in baskets

Sharpie Easter Eggs

You can use this awesome technique on any solid-colored egg and it will look amazing! Use a metallic Sharpie to dot your way around a vinyl image or word of your choice – easy and super cool!
Sharpie Easter Eggs by The Girl Inspired

rainbow inspiration easter eggs with bird statue

Inspirational Rainbow Easter Eggs

These painted and stamped wooden Easter eggs are cheery, colorful, and inscribed with motivational words of inspiration!
Inspirational Rainbow Easter Eggs by Happiness is Homemade

sprinkle painted easter eggs with sprinkles

DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Sprinkles aren’t just for ice cream and cupcakes! Have fun adding sprinkles to your Easter eggs with this easy technique. So creative and fun!
DIY Sprinkle Easter Eggs by Let’s Mingle

hello kitty faces on easter eggs in bowl

Hello Kitty Easter Eggs

These Hello Kitty Easter eggs are so simple to make and so precious!
Hello Kitty Easter Eggs by Sparkles To Sprinkles

easter bunny eggs with bunny ears, faces, and feet

Easter Bunny Eggs

Decorate your Easter eggs to look like a sweet little Easter bunny using white felt or cardstock and paint. Adorable!
Easter Bunny Eggs by Little Red Window

star wars character easter eggs in metal tub

Star Wars Painted Easter Eggs

Use wooden eggs to paint these awesome Star Wars characters and you can keep them for years to come! Follow the templates for the best results and have fun painting these characters!
Star Wars Painted Easter Eggs by Frugal Fun 4 Boys

disney frozen inspired easter eggs

DIY Disney Frozen Easter Eggs

If you have a Cricut machine, you and your kids will love this Frozen-inspired egg decorating craft. Paint your craft eggs blue. Use your Cricut to cut Disney Frozen shapes onto acrylic sheets. You’ll use glitter and rhinestones to give these eggs all the bling they deserve!
DIY Disney Frozen Easter Eggs by A Pumpkin and a Princess

marbled easter eggs in different colorsz

Marbled Easter Eggs

These marbled Easter eggs are so easy that even a toddler can make them! These ones shown here were made by a 3-year-old!
Marbled Easter Eggs by Happiness is Homemade

emoji themed easter eggs

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs

Draw or paint your favorite emoji faces on these easy-to-decorate Easter eggs and then display them proudly!
DIY Emoji Easter Eggs by The DIY Playbook

crackle painted easter eggs in egg carton

Rubber Cement Easter Eggs

Create abstract designs with this easy technique using rubber cement and gel food coloring. It’s SUPER cool and totally easy to create!
Rubber Cement Easter Eggs by Unsophisticated Cook

paint splattered easter eggs

Paint Splattered Easter Eggs

You’ll love the designs created by this project! Have fun splattering paint on your Easter eggs using the colors of your choice. You’ll be tapping or flicking a paintbrush loaded with paint, so make sure you’re doing this project outside!
Paint Splattered Easter Eggs by Squirrelly Minds

lego head painted easter eggs

DIY LEGO Easter Eggs

Use these LEGO-inspired graphics to “tattoo” your Easter eggs with this simple technique. The template and printable are included in this tutorial.
DIY LEGO Easter Eggs by It’s Always Autumn

glitter painted easter eggs

Glitter Easter Eggs

Add some Easter sparkle to your eggs with this quick and easy Easter egg decorating idea!
Glitter Easter Eggs by The Girl Inspired

No matter what your decorating style is, you’re sure to find something fun to create with this awesome list of Easter egg decorating ideas! Which one is your favorite?

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