Home Organization: Pet Supplies

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Do you have pet supplies all over the house? Check out this easy home organization idea to help corral your pet supplies and get your pet’s gear in order!

pet supply organizers on peg board

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Are your pet supplies all over the house? Make a handy pet organization station to keep all of their gear in one place! 

Home Organization: Pet Supplies

Last spring, our family became first-time dog owners to an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we named Sophie, and last month we welcomed home Sophie’s half-sister, Ellie. These two puppies are a TON of fun, but with three human boys also in the mix, I started finding their puppy gear and pet supplies ALL over the house. None of the pet gear had a true home, and no one could ever find anything, so I created an adorable pet supply home organization station where all of their stuff can live in one place!

cute puppy dogs being held

Pretty darn cute, right? That’s Sophie (who just turned 1-year-old) on the left and Ellie (3 months old) on the right. 

cricut maker electronic cutting machine

I say it all the time, but I LOVE my Cricut Maker machine, and it especially comes in handy for labeling and home organization projects! For this pet supply organizer project, I cut both iron-on and adhesive vinyl with my Maker, but you can even use the Maker to build entire projects like I did with these cute Desk Organizers!

supplies for cricut made pet organization

Supplies Used to Make a Pet Organization Station:

I started by cutting out all of my vinyl using the Maker. If you’d like to recreate the same look, you can use this Cricut Design Space project!

weeding vinyl with a cricut hooked weeding tool

Next, I weeded all of the excess vinyl using my favorite Hooked Weeding Tool. If you don’t have one yet, you need to go get one…like, right now! I’ll wait! Trust me, it’s a game-changer when it comes to weeding vinyl, especially with more intricate projects. 

Once all the vinyl was weeded, I broke out my trusty Cricut EasyPress 2! The EasyPress is another one of my favorite tools because it totally changed the way in which I craft. I used to hate iron-on vinyl because I could never get it to stick permanently or look nice using my household iron, but once I got the EasyPress in my hands, iron-on became one of my MOST FAVORITE materials to use (and I use it A LOT!)!

(You can read more about the EasyPress and some of my tips and tricks here!)

using cricut easy press to label

I pre-heated the canvas bag for 15 seconds and then used the EasyPress to iron my puppies’ names on to the storage bags. 

pressed design and circut easypress

I then repeated the process for the paw prints and the hearts, using a sheet of parchment paper between the project and the EasyPress.

pet peg board and box that reads sophie

Assemble the bag hangers and secure the storage bags to the pegboard. Easy peasy!

silver adhesive vinyl with paw prints and cricut tools

To decorate the storage container cups, I used silver adhesive vinyl and weeded it with the Hooked Weeding Tool (did you get one yet?!). 

silver pet paw prints on vinyl

Apply a piece of transfer paper over the top of the weeded vinyl, and use the XL Scraper to smooth down the surface of the transfer tape to ensure that everything gets stuck to it. 

vinyl paw prints made with cricut

Peel the vinyl off of the paper backing. 

applying adhesive vinyl with cricut tools

Place the transfer tape and adhesive vinyl on to the surface of the storage container, and use the scraper to smooth everything out again and ensure that it is stuck to the container. 

peeling transfer tape off of paw print vinyl

Peel off the transfer tape. 

pet organizers with pet toys

Hang up the storage containers on the pegboard and start filling ’em up with your pet supplies! 

cute pet organizers made with cricut
ellie and sophie custom pet organizers made with cricut

Now you’ve got a super cute place where you can store all of your pet’s gear – leashes, collars, toys, treats, and more!

pet organizers on peg board

My favorite part of this whole project are their personalized storage baskets because they’re SUPER cute and really great for organization and storage!

pet supplies and organizers

The storage baskets are quite ample in size, so they’re perfect for storing larger items. Sophie’s basket is holding two Thunder Shirts, and there’s still room for a lot more in there! 

cute pet organizers on peg board

Ellie’s basket is filled with a few cute hand-me-down puppy sweaters that her big sister outgrew – I can’t wait until she’s big enough to fit in them!

ellie and sophie pet organizers
cute pet organizers hung up

The hooks are perfect for holding leashes, collars, and more!

pet supply organizers on peg board

I am SO thrilled to have all of our pet supplies together in one place! Now, the kids always know where to find everything (and where to put things back!)! 

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