Learn how to layer Cricut Infusible Ink using the Slice and Set Method! Discover how to layer Infusible Ink seamlessly with this easy-to-learn method!

youve got a pizza my heart svg file on tshirt

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Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, so we whipped up this SUPER adorable “You’ve Got a Pizza My Heart” Valentine’s Day shirt using Cricut Infusible Ink to celebrate the occasion! Get all the details here on how to create this adorable shirt PLUS a full step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to layer Infusible Ink. 

Cricut Infusible Ink doesn’t layer like other materials do since the layers of ink can blend together and become muddied, so there’s a couple of different techniques that you can use to layer your colors. In this tutorial, we will be using the Slice and Set method to seamlessly layer the colors in this cute Valentine pizza shirt. Follow along below to learn how! 

If you’ve never used Infusible Ink before, make sure to read our Cricut Infusible Ink Beginner’s Guide first for lots of instructions, tips, and tricks to ensure your success!

How to Use the Slice and Set Method

pizza valentines svg files in cricut design space

Note: if you’d prefer to skip over the Slice and Set tutorial and get right to creating, you can open this file in Cricut Design Space which includes THREE different text versions of our Pizza Valentine Shirt, ready to cut. 

How cute is that “Slice, Slice, Baby” version? 😍

pizza my heart file in cricut design space

To learn how to layer Cricut Infusible Ink using the Slice and Set method, open this Cricut Design Space file and follow along with the tutorial ahead: Pizza Valentine Shirt.

You will see that each of the individual objects has its own layer, as shown in the layers panel on the right hand side of the screen. 

slice and set method in cricut design space

Begin by selecting all of the individual hearts (hold down the Shift key as you click to select multiple layers) and welding them together to create a single layer using the Weld tool in the lower right hand side of the screen. 

pizza my heart in cricut design space

Select the welded heart layer and the yellow layer, and click the Slice tool. 

pizza my heart svg file in cricut design space

The Slice tool will split the two overlapping layers into different parts, resulting in three new layers – yellow base layer, red hearts, and yellow hearts.

pizza my heart svg file in cricut design space

[Note that I turned off the visibility of the red heart layer (by clicking on the eyeball on the right side of the column) so that I could better illustrate this step.]

Delete the yellow hearts layer, and you can see that you’re left with a yellow base layer that’s filled with heart-shaped holes. 

pizza my heart svg file in cricut design space

The red hearts now fit perfectly inside the yellow base like puzzle pieces! 

pizza file with text in cricut design space

Add your text (I used Tango Regular font for the “You’ve Got a Pizza My Heart” text), and you’re ready to cut!

mirrored image in cricut design space

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you mirror each of your mats before cutting! 

cricut explore air 2 materials dial

Choose the “Custom” materials setting on your Explore Air 2, and select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets from the menu in Design Space. 

cutting infusible ink with cricut explore air 2

Trim a piece of Black Infusible Ink to size, place it on the mat, and cut with the Explore Air 2. 

cutting red infusible ink with cricut cutting machine

Repeat for the red and brown layers. 

moving yellow mat preview in circut design space

For the yellow layer, we’re going to do something a little bit differently. We are going to use the plastic carrier backing sheet from the yellow Infusible Ink layer to hold ALL of the different colored layers, so we want to add a little more space around the yellow layer for the other layers to fit.

Click “Edit” to edit the layout of your cutting mat, select and move the yellow piece over, and click “Done.”

cutting yellow infusible ink material with cricut machine

Cut the yellow layer. You might notice that the color of the Infusible Ink sheet is much lighter than the color indicated on the box. No worries! The Infusible Ink will become MUCH brighter and more vibrant after we infuse it with the fabric! 

cutting yellow layer of infusible ink

Layering Cricut Infusible Ink

infusible ink on mat with materials

Gather all of your layers in one place, and weed the Infusible Ink. If you haven’t worked with Infusible Ink before, you’ll notice that it is much thicker than vinyl and iron-on and therefore weeds a bit differently. Slightly bend and roll the backing paper until the smaller pieces “crack” away from the other pieces, and use your hands to weed away the excess. 

Note: Do NOT use traditional weeding tools to weed Infusible Ink! Doing so may result in small amounts of ink being pressed into the plastic carrier backing, and that ink WILL still transfer to your blank! Always use clean dry hands or tweezers to weed. 

cut pizza file with hearts cut out of it
method for layering colors shown

Take the red hearts and place them into the yellow base layer. 

layer infusible ink pieces and cricut tool

Repeat with the additional red and brown layers, and then gently use a brayer to roll over everything and ensure that all of the pieces are stuck to the carrier backing sheet. 

cut notches in infusible ink carrier sheet

Keep the text on it’s own carrier backing sheet, but cut away the backing in between the words where the pizza will be positioned. 

layering infusible ink with slice and set

Place the text layer on to the pizza carrier sheet. 

cricut easy press 2 and blank t shirt

Preheat the EasyPress 2 to 385 degrees and 40 seconds. 

hand pressing cricut easypress over infusible ink project on shirt

Place a sheet of white cardstock inside the t-shirt, cover the shirt with a sheet of butcher paper (included with the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets), and heat with the EasyPress 2 for 15 seconds to remove any moisture from the garment. Allow to cool completely. 

lint roller on the blank white tshirt

Use a lint roller to remove any lint, fuzz, or debris from the shirt that might cause the ink to transfer improperly. 

laying design flat on blank t shirt

Place your Infusible Ink carrier sheet, ink side down, on top of the shirt. 

placed cardstock inside of shirt

Cover the design with a sheet of butcher paper. 

easy press with hand over it

Press with the EasyPress 2 for 40 seconds using light pressure. Allow to cool completely. 

youve got a pizza my heart svg file on tshirt with accessories

Peel back the carrier sheet to reveal the BRIGHT and awesome Infusible Ink design on your shirt! SO cool!

close up of youve got a pizza my heart svg file on shirt

If you look closely, you can see that the Infusible Ink has actually bonded with the fibers of the fabric and become a part of the garment. That means that you’ll never have to worry about it peeling, cracking, or fading! It can even stretch right along with the shirt!

 youve got a pizza my heart svg file on shirt

This is going to be one of those holiday shirts that you’ll want to wear long after Valentine’s Day is over! 

youve got a pizza my heart svg file on tshirt

Infusible Ink is quickly becoming one of my most favorite materials to work with since it has such a nice and clean professional finish, and the results will last a lifetime! Now that you know how to layer Cricut Infusible Ink, the possibilities are endless! 

Image of text that says Heidi

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How to Layer Cricut Infusible Ink
how to layer infusible ink
How to Layer Cricut Infusible Ink
how to layer infusible ink

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