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Fun space-themed crafts and activities that are perfect for kids of all age groups! There are easy-to-make paper crafts, sensory activities, printables, and more!

space crafts for kids collage photo

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Does your child dream of becoming an astronaut someday? Are you studying the solar system in your homeschool studies or classroom? If so, you’re going to LOVE our list of fun space crafts for kids! You’ll find wonderful crafts to make with kids of a wide variety of ages, from preschoolers to tweens.

These fun outer space crafts include many fun and educational choices, like colorful paper rockets, straw rockets, UFOs, bookmarks, moon crafts, and galaxy-inspired process art. Whether you like structured crafts or more open-ended activities, you’re sure to find the perfect space craft to suit your needs.

Blast off into a fun space-themed craft today!

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Super Fun Space Crafts for Kids Of All Ages

Get ready to crash land onto a planet full of endless space activities for kids! There are TONS of cool space crafts here — so you’ll be sure to find the perfect space project in no time.

child playing with straw rocket kids craft

Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets from Artsy Fartsy Mama: These flying rockets are amazingly fun! It’s a craft and a STEM activity in one. The free printable template means that you can make and play with these space ships in no time flat.

galaxy glitter jars kids science activity

Galaxy Glitter Jars

Galaxy Glitter Jars from Fireflies and Mud Pies: This galaxy jar is an easy space craft for older kids, but younger kids can enjoy it as a calming jar for stress relief, too. You’ll find three different galaxy-inspired versions to try.

astronaut paper dolls for kids

Astronaut Paper Dolls

Astronaut Paper Dolls from Adventure in a Box: Introduce your young kids to a fun lesson on space exploration. These astronaut paper dolls show how space suits have evolved over the years.

printable rocket ship craft

Printable Rocket Craft

Printable Rocket Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: Here’s an easy paper rocket craft that’s perfect for the home or the classroom. It’s an excellent project for kindergarten and elementary-aged kids. It will go along well with a space unit, particularly for your little ones who have hopes of someday becoming an astronaut.

cute paper alien spaceship kids craft

Paper Alien Spaceship Crafts

Paper Alien Spaceship Crafts from Artsy Craftsy Mom: Do aliens exist? We may never know, but it sure is fun to speculate! This friendly alien craft is sure to spark an interesting conversation with little kids.

space shuttle paper craft

Space Shuttle Paper Craft

Space Shuttle Paper Craft from I Heart Crafty Things: This space shuttle craft pops off the page with the 3D wing and the tissue paper flames trailing off the bottom.

Fizzy Paint Moon Craft

Fizzy Paint Moon Craft from Little Bins for Little Hands: Squeeze art, chemistry, and astronomy into one great activity by making a fizzy moon. This is your typical baking soda and vinegar reaction made more fun with a space theme.

rocket corner bookmark craft for kids

Rocket Corner Bookmark

Rocket Corner Bookmark from Artsy Craftsy Mom: Book-loving kids will have such fun making these rocket corner bookmarks to keep their place in their favorite books. They’d make cute and inexpensive party favors for a space-themed party, too.

watercolor and oil pastel painting activity for kids

Watercolor and Oil Pastel Night Sky

Watercolor and Oil Pastel Night Sky from 3 Dinosaurs: This beautiful depiction of the night sky is a wall-worthy piece of art! You may opt to do this on canvas rather than white paper. The beauty of this great project is that kids can make the sky as dark or as bright as they like, with as few stars or as many as they like.

phases of the moon paper plate craft

Moon Phases Craft

Moon Phases Craft from Little Bins for Little Hands: Learn about the phases of the moon, that is, how the shape of the moon changes during the month. Pair it with a book for a quick science lesson, simple craft, and literary activity in one.

kid wearing solar system bracelet

Solar System Bracelet Craft

Solar System Bracelet Craft from Still Playing School: If your child is having trouble remembering the planets in our solar system in order, this bracelet can help! On each bead, a letter is written for the first letter of each planet’s name. Wearing this for a few days or a week is a wonderful way to help solidify the names of the planets.

cardboard space shuttle kids craft

Cardboard Space Shuttle Craft

Cardboard Space Shuttle Craft from Pink Stripey Socks: Recycle toilet paper roll tubes to make these simple cardboard space shuttles. The printable free template makes it really easy to shape and put the rockets together.

alien UFO paper plate craft

UFO Paper Plate Craft

UFO Paper Plate Craft from Toot’s Mom is Tired: This UFO craft is adorable! It’s made with paper plates, a clear plastic cup, and a little green alien. Little astronauts will have so much fun playing with their UFO after they’re finished with their alien spaceship craft.

puffy paint moon craft activity for kids

Puffy Paint Moon Craft

Puffy Paint Moon Craft from Little Bins for Little Hands: This cool moon craft glows in the dark! You’ll make your own glow-in-the-dark puffy paint before covering a piece of a paper plate to make a pretty moon. Hang it in your child’s room for a light glow at bedtime.

paper plate solar system craft

Planets Paper Plate Solar System Craft

Planets Paper Plate Solar System Craft from JDaniel4’s Mom: Paint a paper plate to look like a beautiful galaxy background and cut it into a spiral, placing planets along the spiral. Hang it up to see a super cool view of the entire solar system.

galaxy chalk pastel art projects

Galaxy Chalk Pastel Art

Galaxy Chalk Pastel Art from Projects with Kids: Chalk pastels are fun to work with, and they create beautiful art when you pair them with a dark background. That’s why they’re perfect for this stunning galaxy art!

name in the stars process art activity for children

Name in the Stars Process Art

Name in the Stars Process Art from Barley and Birch: Explore painting with lots of different tools to create all sorts of texture for your galaxy-inspired process art. The more layers and textures you add, the better it looks.

paper weaving craft for kids with kid in rocket

Paper Weaving Rocket Craft

Paper Weaving Rocket Craft from Homeschool Preschool: Paper weaving is a great way to practice fine motor skills for little hands. The printable template makes this fun craft very easy for parents to pull together quickly.

pom pom painted moon craft

Pom-Pom Painted Moon Craft

Pom-Pom Painted Moon Craft from Crafts on Sea: This painting technique adds lots of interesting texture to the surface of the paper plate by using pom poms. By using different shades of gray, it looks like the dark and light parts of the moon as we see it here on Earth.

acrylic painting of space with paint palette on top and brushes

Space in Acrylic

Space in Acrylic from Adventure in a Box: You’ll be so inspired by this post showing how to use acrylic paint to create a gorgeous space scene. Sprinkle in your favorite constellation!

Pin this list of fun space-themed crafts and activities for kids for your next galactic adventure!

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space-themed crafts for kids
fun space crafts for kids
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Space Crafts for Kids of All Ages
fun space crafts for kids to make
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