Handcrafted napkin rings are the perfect final touch to uniquely adorn your holiday table!

Thanksgiving napkin rings on a floral plate

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Handcrafted Fall Napkin Rings

Kids love to decorate for parties, and setting the table is one of the most important jobs on Thanksgiving! This craft is suitable for all ages with adult supervision; older children will be able to complete this project with minimal assistance.

How to Make Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Scissors, cardboard tubes, and other craft materials on red felt

Materials needed to make Thanksgiving Napkin Rings:

  • Cardboard Tubes (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, gift wrap, etc.), cut into 1 ½” sections.
  • Felt, fabric, ribbon or twine to cover your cardboard tubes
  • Embellishments to decorate your napkin rings – leaves, buttons, beads, faux flowers
  • Craft glue or a hot glue gun (with adult supervision)
  • Binder clips or paper clips (optional)
Cardboard tubes covered in felt and twine held together by a binder clip

This craft comes together in two simple steps:

1) Cover your tube sections with your choice of materials. We used the items listed above, but paper, colored tape or paint would also work well. Binder clips or paper clips are handy for holding ends and edges while your glue dries.

Children at a table glueing embellishments on napkin rings

2) Embellish your napkin rings to match your Thanksgiving table. Heavier items may need to be glued on with a hot glue gun or stronger adhesive. Insert your napkins, and you’re ready to show off your personalized holiday decorations!

Mother and child holding completed napkin rings
5 different colored handmade napkin rings on a plate

With these lovely child-made napkin rings on my Thanksgiving table, I’ll be reminded of how grateful I am to have the opportunity to share my love of creativity with my children and for the special moments we’ve spent laughing and crafting together!

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