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These beautiful modern macramé patterns are perfect for home décor crafters and DIY fans! Vintage revivals are a hot trend these days, and macramé is rising to the top of the must-have list!  

modern macrame patterns collection

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A few years ago, I fell in love with the art of macramé during a hands-on workshop at the Michaels Makers Summit I attended. It’s SO relaxing and meditative (and also a surprisingly great arm workout!)!

Macramé has been making a huge comeback lately, and it seems that I’m not the only one having a love affair with modern macramé! These awesome pattern designers and artists are offering up these gorgeous modern macramé patterns – give it a try, and I bet you’ll fall in love with macramé, too!

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DIY Modern Macrame Patterns hanging on stick

Luna Macramé Wall Hanging Pattern

The Luna Macramé Wall Hanging Pattern includes an easy to follow tutorial for beginners.

Crafty Modern Macrame Patterns hanging in living space

Coral Natural Macramé Pattern

This Coral Natural Macramé Pattern is a fun introduction into using multiple colors in your design.

Modern Macrame Patterns that anyone can make, displayed in room

XL Triangle Macramé Pattern

Looking for a larger design? This XL Triangle Macramé Pattern is easy to follow and looks really impressive hanging up on the wall!

modern macrame pattern for kitchen dining area

Rose Quartz Macramé Pattern

The Rose Quartz Macramé Pattern incorporates a four-panel macramé design that lends to a sophisticated and upscale look.

woman holding black macrame pattern up

Simple Modern Macramé Pattern

This Simple Modern Macramé Pattern is a small scale macramé project that is great for beginners.

easy beginner macrame pattern on wall

Beginner Macramé Pattern

The Beginner Macramé Pattern is the perfect place to start if you’re new to macramé!

Modern Macrame Patterns as wall decoration

 Center Diamond Macramé Pattern

This Center Diamond Macramé Pattern includes an easy to follow modern macramé pattern and straightforward tutorial.

zig zag macrame pattern in home

Emerald Macramé Pattern

This unique Emerald Macramé Pattern is an updated take on traditional macramé patterns. How cool is this design? 😍

unique macrame patterns for beginners

Chevron Macramé Pattern

The Chevron Macramé Pattern looks great hanging on a wall, door, or even in front of a window!

easy macrame patterns for beginners

Triangles and Diamonds Modern Macramé Pattern

The Triangles and Diamonds Macramé Pattern is a popular modern spin on the classic triangle and diamond pattern.

pretty macrame patterns for beginners on wall

Square Twist Chevron Macramé Pattern

The Square Twist Chevron Macramé Pattern introduces some rhythm and movement into the macramé pattern with a simple and easy to follow twisting technique.

cute macrame patterns for beginners

Minimalist Modern Macramé Pattern

This unique Minimalist Macramé Pattern has a totally original look and the technique is simpler than you may think!

hanging plant macrame patterns for beginners

Macramé Plant Hanger

Walls shouldn’t get to have all the macramé fun! This Macramé Plant Hanger is an awesome idea for hanging plants indoors or outside, and it would make a fantastic DIY gift idea!

beautiful macrame pattern anyone can make

Free Beginner Macramé Pattern & Tutorial

Using this Free Beginner Macramé Pattern & Tutorial is a great way to introduce yourself to the wonder world of macramé!

colorful macrame pattern on wall

Free Heart Modern Macramé Patten & Tutorial

This Free Heart Macramé Patten & Tutorial has a sweet heart pattern in the center and also incorporates that cool twisting technique!

There are so many awesome modern macramé patterns in this collection that I can’t even decide which one I should make first! Which one is your favorite? Have you tried your hand at macramé yet? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. 4/26/2023 Hello, I am very interested in the Macramé Patterns you have displayed on your site. 🙂 Question? Where do people buy their different rope & also dyed rope to add color? I live in an Urban area.
    Thank you.
    Respectfully, Pamela Haun