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These printable “Caught You Being Good” punch cards are a great way to encourage positive behavior in your children and/or students! Earn 10 punches to pick a prize from the treasure chest! 

printable caught you being good reward punch card and hole punch

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One of the most important lessons that I try to teach my children is to be kind, caring, patient, and understanding with one another. We spend a lot of time sitting around our homeschool table working on lessons together (all. day. long.), and the close proximity can sometimes become too close for comfort. To keep my boys on the right track with their words and actions, I designed these cute “Caught You Being Good” punch cards (with prizes and rewards, of course!) to help reinforce their positive behavior. 

caught you being good printable reward chart and hole puncher

Each printable sheet contains ten cards that can be individually cut out for each child. These punch cards are great for reinforcing your children’s behavior at home, and they’re also perfect for classrooms, daycares, camps, Sunday school, sports teams, and more!

printable good behavior reward punch cards

This cute star hole punch is just the right size for punching out the stars on the cards.

reward cards and prize selection for good behavior

When all of the stars on the card have been punched, the kids get to pick a prize from the treasure chest – SO much fun! I like to keep the prizes inside of the chest a secret, so the only time that the boys get to peek inside is when they’re choosing a prize. Each week I add a few new items to the mix, so there’s always something fresh and interesting to discover each time.

So, what’s inside of our prize box?

assorted prizes for kids good behavior

I started filling up the box with this Super Toy Assortment from Oriental Trading Company, and there was a TON of fun stuff in there! Gliders, tops, puzzle balls, slinkies, foam rockets, Chinese yo-yos, bouncy balls, paddle balls, and lots more! Oriental Trading is a great place to purchase prizes like these at affordable prices. With 50 fun pieces in this set, it’s the perfect choice for carnivals, birthday parties, camps, and more!

oriental trading company rewards for good behavior

Of course, once I started shopping, I found a LOT more prizes that I thought my boys would love. In addition to the Super Toy Assortment, I added Color Brick Bracelets, Camouflage Compass Keychains, Knitted Kick Balls, Woodland Animal Toys, and Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton and Mummy Wind-Up Toys (extra fun at Halloween time!) to our treasure chest of prizes.

treasure chest and small toys to reward kids for being good

All of the prizes fit inside of our super awesome treasure chest, and the chest is roomy enough to add even larger prizes such as small books, coloring books, and art supplies. There are tons of great possibilities!

treasure chest open and full of small toys to choose from for displaying good behavior

It’s been a lot of fun “catching” my boys doing nice things for each other, working quietly on their lessons, and helping out without being asked, and it’s been even more fun to give them a little treat for consistent good behavior. The boys are LOVING it! To see the pride in their facial expressions when they realize that they’ve filled up their punch card is priceless!

Get the Caught You Being Good Punch Cards Here:

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caught you being good printable rewards punch cards

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