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These 21+ easy science experiments for kids are fun and educational! No need to buy expensive equipment – these experiments can be done using items you may already have!

 science experiments for kids collage

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Science Experiments for Kids

Looking for something fun and educational to do today? You’re in luck! This list of fun and easy science experiments for kids is just what you need. Ditch the textbooks for the day; take a break from the science videos. Science should be hands-on! You’ll probably find everything you need for these science experiments in your pantry, garage, or even the kids’ toy boxes. How’s that for a win?

Below you’ll find 21+ experiments to try, with topics ranging from physics to chemistry to botany and everything in between. And you can accommodate kids of all ages with them, too. While younger children simply enjoy the demonstration, older kids can dive into the more in-depth concepts, reactions, and processes behind each experiment.

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EASY Science Experiments for Kids

exploding bags experiment with POP! on bag

Exploding Bags from Happiness is Homemade: Kids of all ages get a kick out of this experiment. Learn how vinegar and baking soda react with a big, satisfying POP at the end of the experiment.

balloon science being played with by kid

Balloon Science from Kiddy Charts: Yet another experiment for baking soda and vinegar, this experiment demonstrates the CO2 gas inflating the balloon as the chemical reaction occurs. How cool!

rain cloud in a jar science experiment for kids

Rain Cloud in a Jar from Natural Beach Living: This weather experiment is a simple way for kids to explore clouds and rain. It’s so simple to set up. You just need shaving cream, food coloring, and a glass of water!

oil and water kid\'s science experiment

Oil and Water Science from Happiness is Homemade: What happens when you combine oil and water? This colorful density experiment will help kids easily understand the concept.

rainbow in a jar on table

Rainbow in a Jar from Primary Playground: Here’s another density experiment using sugar water. It creates a beautiful rainbow in a jar, so it’s a terrific experiment for spring.

orange volcano fall STEM activity for kids

Orange Volcano from The Art Kit: Here’s another variation of baking soda and vinegar volcanoes done inside an orange. This is handy if you don’t want to build a volcano first.

racing rainbows bleeding into another

Racing Rainbows from The STEM Mum: Who doesn’t love experiments involving candy? See which type—Skittles, M&Ms, or Smarties—fills in the plate with a rainbow the fastest.

melting ice experiment in muffin tin

Melting Ice Experiment from The Chaos and the Clutter: Here’s a simple experiment that you can do with things you already have in your kitchen. You’ll just need some ice, water, sugar, and salt. Find out which method melts the ice the fastest.

light refraction experiment being done with plastic bottle

Simple Light Refraction Experiment from Look, We’re Learning!: This experiment is quick and easy to set up, and it’s a simple way to teach kids about light refraction in water using a water bottle, a post-it note, and a marker.

car STEM experiments for kids setup

Car STEM Experiments from Taming Little Monsters: Study how cars roll differently when variables such as the height of the ramp, angle of the ramp, and weight of the car change.

toilet paper science experiment with labeled cards

Toilet Paper Science from Pink Stripey Socks: We’ve all been going through a little more toilet paper than usual, no? Why not study different toilet paper brands to see which one is the softest… or the strongest… or the most absorbent?

kid covering bottle exploding from coke and mentos science experiment

Coke and Mentos Experiment from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops: You’ve seen the pictures and the videos. This experiment is just plain fun! Little kids will just enjoy the geyser of liquid that erupts. However, with older kids, you could try different types of soda to see which one produces the biggest geyser, etc. 

frozen water expansion experiment

Frozen Water Expansion Experiment from A Little Pinch of Perfect: Water expands as it freezes, and this experiment offers a colorful visual that shows that on an easy-to-understand level.

eggs parachuting in back yard

Egg Parachutes from JDaniel4sMom: No matter the time of year, if you look around in your kids’ toys, you can probably find plastic eggs (or at least some halves, which are all you need for this experiment). Put them to use making fun parachutes! Throw them in different ways, drop them, and change up the variables. There’s so much you can do with them!

mason jars with balls testing sink or float experiment

Sink or Float Egg Experiment from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games: Will eggs float in regular water? How about salt water? Find out with this simple study!

walking rainbow stem activity in jars and printables

Walking Rainbow STEM Activity and Printables from Happiness is Homemade: Kids will get a kick out of this colorful science experiment that demonstrates capillary action. You may have also seen this experiment called “Walking Colors” or some other variation. The resulting rainbow of colors is stunning.

grow a pot of gold science experiment in a small black cauldron

Grow a Pot of Gold by From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom: This is a fun experiment for St. Patrick’s Day, but really, you can do it all year long. Grow golden sugar crystals to make your own pot of gold. Be patient—you’ll need about a week for your sugar crystals to grow. And here’s the experiment done with Borax crystals instead of sugar crystals. You’ll only need a day for this one!

little girl playing with handmade catapults in yard

Catapult STEM Activity from Go Science Kids: Make a catapult out of upcycled materials you already have at home. The kids will have so much fun launching small objects with their catapults and seeing which projectiles will shoot the objects the farthest. 

plant growing with roots seperated into two jars

Bean in a Jar Experiment from Science Sparks: You probably did this experiment in school yourself, but it’s always a fun one. Grow a bean in a jar without soil! You’ll only use a moist paper towel and a bean to study this sprouting activity.

celery stalks in different colored liquid in jars

Celery Science from Rainy Day Mum: This easy experiment using celery, water, and food coloring is an easy way to demonstrate the transpiration process in plants.

plants growing out of eggshells

Eggshell Garden Science from Steamsational: Compare growing conditions for plants with this eggshell garden activity. Place one in a sunny spot, one in the shade, and one in the dark indoors. You can try several other variations, too. After your seeds have sprouted, you can simply pop those eggshells along with their plants right into the ground!

All of these STEAM science projects for kids are SO much fun, and I love that you don’t need any special equipment! Which one will you try first?

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21 fun science experiments for kids
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Easy Science Experiments for Kids

Which of these easy science experiments for kids are you going to try first? 

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