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Learn how to make engraved custom pencils with your Glowforge laser and our free pencil jig SVG! Make personalized pencils for all occasions!

Colorful engraved pencils with pencil puns on a pink background with pink eraser

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Learn how to make custom laser-engraved pencils with a Glowforge! Plus, learn our tricks for perfect pencils every time!

Personalized pencils are a fun and easy DIY gift idea – perfect for Back-to-School, teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, and more!

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How to Make Custom Pencils with Glowforge

Close up of colorful Glowforge engraved custom pencils on a pink background

Supplies Needed:

  • Glowforge (Basic, Plus, or Pro – all will work!)
  • Wood Pencils (I used these colorful pencils from Amazon – they’re marketed as holographic, but they’re more pearlescent, if you ask me!)
  • 1/8″ MDF for Pencil Jig
  • Pencil Jig SVG File (available below)
free glowforge pencil jig svg file

The very first step in creating custom pencils is to create a pencil jig which will allow you to position the pencils and keep them perfectly still and aligned during the engraving process. For cost effectiveness, I recommend using MDF or draft board to create the jig, but you could also use wood or acrylic as well.

pencil jig svg in glowforge pro laser cutter with score time

Upload the pencil jig SVG file into the Glowforge Print App software, set the cut settings for your material of choice, and click “print” to begin cutting your pencil jig.

Colorful pencils in a pencil jig on a pink background

Next, place your pencils into the jig – you can position them with the eraser on the right or left hand side, either works – and set the jig and pencils inside the bed of the Glowforge.

Note: I do not usually mask my pencils before engraving as any faint post-engraving residue typically wipes off easily with a baby wipe.

Screenshot of Glowforge Print App software - adding a text box to a pencil design

Open up the Glowforge Print App, and the camera will show you an image of your pencils and jig in the machine. If you have a subscription to Glowforge Premium, you can add text to your pencils by simply inserting a text box into the project in the Glowforge Print App as shown above and using the engrave setting.

However, as you can also see, the fisheye lens of the Glowforge’s camera causes some distortion to the shape of the pencils in the software image (see how that purple pencil seems to be sticking up on the left hand side? In actuality, it’s perfectly flat and normal). This can sometimes make sizing and positioning the text tricky, especially when working with large batches of pencils.

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator software - adding text to a pencil jig

For perfectly positioned pencils EVERY time, I use my Pencil Jig SVG as a template for my text. Using the jig as a template ensures that your engravings will be perfectly aligned without any guesswork!

I prefer to add my text in Adobe Illustrator since I generally already have it open on my computer, but you can also use this same process in Canva (though you will need a Canva Pro account to save it as an SVG file).

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator software - adding multi colored text to a pencil jig

Simply open the SVG in your desired program and add text – I like to position mine around 1.25″ from the eraser end of the pencil.

If you choose to make your text all the same color, when you import it into the Glowforge Print App software, all of the text will be on the same layer and must be moved and positioned as one. If you would like the option of moving each text layer individually, make sure that each line of text is a different color.

(Keeping the text one single color will work totally fine, but I know that some people still prefer to have the ultimate level of control possible!)

Screenshot of Adobe Illustrator software - adding multi colored text to a pencil jig

Once all of the text is in position, delete the pencil jig layer, outline the text, save it as a compound path, and save everything as a new SVG file. Now, it’s ready to be opened and engraved in the Glowforge!

Note: if you’re using Canva Pro, save the SVG with a transparent background for best results!

Glowforge Print App software screenshot - setting the focus

Open the text SVG in the Glowforge Print App, and before you do anything with it, you’ll want to set the machine’s focus to ensure that nothing jumps around when you click the “Print” button in the final step.

Go up to the ⋮ menu (to the right of the text icon) and select “Set Focus.” I like to set the focus on one of the pencils near the center of my engraving area.

Glowforge Print App software screenshot - pencil engraving settings

Place the text as desired, and then set the engraving settings. I use 340 speed, 15 power, and 340 LPI for engraving pencils.

Note: You can set up a custom pencil engraving setting by clicking on “Manual” and then using the + icon at the top of the page. This will allow you to easily select the new settings for each of the layers with just one click!

custom engraved pencils on glowforge pro

When everything has been positioned and set as desired, click on the “Print” button in the upper right corner.

Press the button on the Glowforge and watch the magic happen!

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Glowforge pencil jig in machine with colorful engraved pencils

SO fun, right?!

Close up of engraved pencils with masking tape and paint

Now, I mentioned earlier that I don’t typically mask my pencils before engraving, but if you DO, you can easily fill in the engraving with paint for a different look that’s just as cool!

Purple and blue engraved pencils with "You're Looking Sharp" and "You've Got the Write Stuff"
Colorful engraved pencils on a pink background with Pink Pearl eraser

My youngest son is VERY into puns these days, so I made all of these custom pencils with pencil puns, but it would be so much fun to make these with all kinds of different themes!

Six engraved pencils with pencil pun phrases on a pink background
Close up of colorful Glowforge engraved personalized pencils with punny phrases like "Write on"

Once you start making custom pencils with your Glowforge, you’re going to want to make them for ALL the different occasions and holidays! They’re SO fun and easy!


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Our free pencil jig is designed to be used with 8 pencils – if you’d like larger jigs that allow you to create more custom pencils at a time, you may purchase them here:

Happy crafting!

Image of text that says Heidi

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how to make custom pencils with glowforge
how to make custom pencils with glowforge
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