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Get the current prices for the Glowforge Pro, Glowforge Plus, and Glowforge Basic, plus, learn how you can save up to $500 now!

how much does a glowforge laser cost?

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Find out the newly updated prices for the Glowforge Pro, Glowforge Plus, and Glowforge Basic and how you can save up to $500!

Are you considering purchasing a Glowforge 3D Laser Printer and curious about the costs involved? We’ve got you covered! Discover how much a Glowforge costs and learn about the price increases that are coming up soon!

New to Glowforge? What’s a Glowforge?

If this is your first time hearing about the Glowforge, head on over to our Ultimate Glowforge Guide: Everything You Need to Know to learn all about this amazing laser cutter and what it can do! It will definitely take your crafting and creating to the next level!

glowforge laser in office space

glowforge on table with craft supplies

The questions we get asked the most often are, “Is buying a Glowforge worth it?” along with “Will a Glowforge pay for itself?”

My resounding answer to both of those questions is YES! I have owned my Glowforge Pro since 2020, and to date, I have earned more than TEN times over my initial costs (and I work very part-time on it!)!

A Glowforge laser is a pricey investment, and you will have to put forth a little bit of effort to recover your initial investment, but if you focus, it shouldn’t be too hard or take too much time at all! (I was able to recoup my investment in just 4 months!)

In addition to making and selling items that you create with your Glowforge, you can also offset the cost by selling SVG cut files, hosting workshops, teaching classes, and joining the Glowforge referral program. There are LOTS of different ways to make money with your Glowforge!

Glowforge Machine Models

lady pulling project from glowforge machine

What are the Differences Between Glowforge Models?

In order to make an informed decision about which Glowforge machine model is best for you, take a look at the following information and comparison chart.

Note that ALL Glowforge models can cut and engrave the exact same types of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, and more!

glowforge model comparison chart


For more in-depth machine comparisons, head over to our Ultimate Glowforge Guide for more information!

We use a Glowforge Pro here at Happiness is Homemade, and we highly recommend the Pro if you are considering starting a high-volume small business with your Glowforge. The Pro is the only Glowforge model that includes an enhanced cooling system for all-day use and the Passthrough Slot for cutting oversized projects.

If you are a crafter looking to use your Glowforge for personal projects or to start a low-volume small business, the Basic and Plus machines are both excellent options. The main differences between Glowforge Basic and the Glowforge Plus are the engraving speed (Glowforge Plus engraves 2x faster) and the warranty length (6 months vs 12 months).

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Glowforge Machine Pricing

glowforge compacted in neat office space

How Much Does a Glowforge Basic Cost?

The current price of a Glowforge Basic is $3,995 plus $350 US shipping.

hand opening glowforge machine

How Much Does a Glowforge Plus Cost?

The current price of a Glowforge Plus is $4,995 plus $350 US shipping.

man loading glowforge with material

How Much Does a Glowforge Pro Cost?

The current price of a Glowforge Pro is $6,995 plus $350 US shipping.

glowforge air filter

How Much Does a Glowforge Air Filter Cost?

The current price of a Glowforge Air Filter is $1,295 + $250 US shipping. If you do not have a way to vent your Glowforge machine out of a window or door, you will need to use an air filter with your machine.

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cityscape engraved using glowforge

Do Glowforge Machines Ever Go on Sale?

Glowforge occasionally offers sales on their Proofgrade materials (wood, leather, acrylic, etc.) and Glowforge Premium software subscriptions, but they do NOT offer sales on Glowforge Basic, Plus, or Pro machines.

Does Glowforge Have Any Coupon Codes?

Glowforge’s referral program allows prospective machine owners to save up to $500! Click the button below to save $125 on a Glowforge Basic, $250 on Glowforge Plus, or $500 on Glowforge Pro!

Does Glowforge Offer Financing?

YES! Lock in Glowforge’s current prices and finance your Glowforge machine with Affirm for as little as $105 per month!

glowforge machine on wooden table with decorations

Is Buying a Glowforge Worth It?

Absolutely! Not only is a Glowforge a valuable money-making tool to add to your crafting arsenal, it’s also a TON of fun! With the ability to cut and engrave thick materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and more with laser-precision, the making possibilities are truly limitless! There is SO much that you can make and do with a Glowforge laser!

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turning child drawing into an engraved wooden project using the glowforge machine

If you have any questions about purchasing a Glowforge, feel free to shoot me a message! I’m always happy to help in any way I can!

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how much does a glowforge laser cost?
how much does a glowforge laser cost?
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    1. Hi Deborah, the Glowforge Pro and Plus machines have a 12-month comprehensive warranty; Glowforge Basic has a 6-month comprehensive warranty. Hope that helps! 🙂