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20+ creative jellyfish crafts to keep you entertained all year long! There are plenty of options for every age and skill level here!

20+ jellyfish crafts for kids

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Feel the summertime vibes with our list of fun, cute jellyfish crafts for kids. Jellyfish are a little scary when you’re in the ocean, I’ll admit, but they’re such fascinating sea creatures! Whether you want to make a jellyfish craft to teach kids about these amazing ocean animals or you’re just looking for summer-themed ideas to keep them busy, you’re in the right place.

You’ll find a huge collection of jellyfish crafts below that are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the cut-and-assemble jellyfish crafts, while older kids will enjoy the hand-sewn and glow-in-the-dark versions. With a wide range of crafts to choose from, you’re sure to find a cute jellyfish craft that’s perfect for your kids!

Jellyfish Crafts Ideas for Kids

These jellyfish activities and crafts are a great way for kids of all ages to learn more about their favorite ocean friends. Incorporate one of these fun crafts into marine life lesson plans, or make them just for fun!

two cute paper jellyfish crafts

Paper Jellyfish Craft

Paper Jellyfish Craft from Simple Everyday Mom: This jellyfish craft requires no special materials at all. With a printer, paper, scissors, and glue, you’re all set to make one of the most adorable jellyfish crafts we’ve ever seen. Easy peasy! Use colored construction paper or allow children to color in the free printable template with crayons or markers. Either way, it will look so cute!

two cute rainbow streamer jelly fishes made from cupcake liners

Rainbow Streamer Jellyfish Cupcake Liner Craft

Rainbow Streamer Jellyfish from Messy Little Monster: This easy jellyfish craft made with cupcake liners, googly eyes and lots of rainbow crepe paper streamers is sure to put a smile on your face. It would make the perfect decoration for a sea theme birthday party, but it’s a fun everyday craft, too. Plus, it’s super simple, so toddlers and preschoolers will be able to complete this project with ease in just a few minutes. Isn’t it stunning?

paper plate jellyfish craft activity for kids

Paper Plate Jellyfish

Paper Plate Jellyfish from Non-Toy Gifts: Practice threading with these fun jellyfish made of paper plates, tissue paper, and yarn. This adorable paper plate jellyfish craft will look stunning hanging in your window this summer. You can use some of your yarn scraps or you could even swap the yarn for pipe cleaners for a different look. You can make small jellyfish or large ones, depending on the size of the paper plate you use. Dessert plates are a great option, too!

painted newspaper jellies easy kids craft idea

Painted Newspaper Jellyfish

Painted Newspaper Jellyfish from I Heart Crafty Things: Recycle your old newspaper to make some art with the kids! The printed paper adds an interesting texture and dimension to crafts because the words are still visible through the paint. Yarn and bubble wrap finish off the jellyfish tentacles and oral arms of the jellyfish.

Hanging Watercolor Jellyfish

Hanging Watercolor Jellyfish from Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds: Use watercolors to paint the tentacles of the jellyfish on this colorful jellyfish craft. By using clear bowls, you can utilize several process art techniques to make the jellyfish come to life, so to speak. Tissue paper squares are pressed into the bowl, or jellyfish body. And the tentacles are made from tie-dyed coffee filters. It’s more than a craft—it’s a gorgeous watercolor art project!

diy egg carton jellyfish

Egg Carton Jellyfish

Egg Carton Jellyfish from The Art Kit: Recycle your cardboard egg cartons and yarn scraps to make this whimsical jellyfish with great big eyes and colorful tentacles. Add craft sticks to turn them into puppets that dance back and forth, swinging their tentacles.

printable jellyfish craft for kids

Printable Jellyfish Craft

Printable Jellyfish Craft from Printable Crush: These silly printable jellyfish are sure to make you chuckle. The mustache, the surprise face, and even the one-eyed jellyfish are so silly and adorable. We love that you can mix and match all the pieces to create a unique jellyfish that’s all your own.

hand sewn diy jellyfish craft

Hand-Sewn Jellyfish Craft

Hand-Sewn Jellyfish Craft from The Craft Train: Kids who like to sew will enjoy these hand-sewn jellyfish. Use the free template to make large, medium, or small jellyfish plushies—or make all three if you’re feeling ambitious!

homemade jellyfish made from CD and ribbon

CD and Ribbon Jellyfish

CD and Ribbon Jellyfish from Fireflies and Mud Pies: This fun summer boredom buster craft is an excellent way to use up your old CD collection that you never listen to anymore (or old discs from computers). Cover the disc in tissue paper, and glue curly ribbon on. Voila! You have a cute little jellyfish.

paper bag puppet jellyfish

Paper Bag Jellyfish

Paper Bag Jellyfish from Our Kid Things: Use brown paper lunch bags and yarn to make these colorful jellyfish with yarn tentacles. Threading the yarn through each small hole is a fun way to work on hand-eye coordination, and it’s great fine motor skills practice for young kids. Plus, it looks beautiful!

cardboard tube jellyfish craft for kids

Cardboard Tube Jellyfish

Cardboard Tube Jellyfish from Crafts by Amanda: Styrofoam balls and an empty toilet paper roll come together to make a beautiful jellyfish that’s quite sturdy. Cutting the slits in the toilet paper tube is another excellent example of fine motor activities for the kids.

Paper Loop Jellyfish

Paper Loop Jellyfish from Non-Toy Gifts: Kids will get a chance to work on their tracing and cutting skills when making this little jellyfish. The paper loops on the tentacles give a lot of dimension to this fun craft.

jelly fish made with bubble painting effect

Bubble Printing Jellyfish

Bubble Printing Jellyfish from Making with Mommy for Red Ted Art: Bubble painting is such a fun summer craft that uses basic materials like dish soap (or bubble mixture), paint, paper, and a straw. Colored bubbles are then blown across the page. Once the paper is dry, cut it out to make jellyfish as well as some bubbles for an ocean scene. The big, bubbly scene behind the jellyfish may just be the best part!

glow in the dark ocean jellyfish craft

Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish

Glow-in-the-Dark Paper Bowl Jellyfish from Little Bins for Little Hands: Did you know that about 50% of jellyfish are bioluminescent? This is used as a defense against predators. Now, you can explain this adaptation easily with this glow-in-the-dark jellyfish craft. By using different colors of neon paint and neon yarn, you’ll get a craft with vibrant colors that glow when the lights are off. So much fun!

Light-Up Tissue Paper Jellyfish

Light-Up Tissue Paper Jellyfish from The Craft Train: Here’s another craft to demonstrate bioluminescence, this time using LED candles to light up the bowls. It’s a little more involved, so this fun activity is best for your older elementary-aged children.

paper plate swimming jellyfish craft

Paper Plate Swimming Jellyfish

Paper Plate Swimming Jellyfish from I Heart Crafty Things: Kids will be so delighted with this swimming jellyfish craft! You’ll make a jellyfish out of cardboard and yarn, and attach it to a craft stick. The paper plate becomes the ocean background for the jellyfish to swim in. Kids will play with it again and again!

printable jellyfish art project for kids

Printable Jellyfish Art Project

Printable Jellyfish Art Project from Craft Play Learn: This project combines a printable craft and a process art activity in one. While the free jellyfish template itself is as easy as cut-and-assemble, the real beauty is in the gorgeous watercolor background.

hanging jellyfish craft for kids

Hanging Jellyfish Craft

Hanging Jellyfish Craft from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops: Use ribbon scraps and a paper or styrofoam bowl to make a silly, smiling jellyfish that you can hang up on the porch or in the kids’ playroom. If you’re using a styrofoam bowl, make sure to use acrylic paint. Tempera paint won’t stick on styrofoam.

coffee filter jellyfish crafts

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

Coffee Filter Jellyfish from Super Simple: This beautiful coffee filter jellyfish is an easy kids craft that also doubles as a fun, science project for kids! Kids will get a kick out of watching their coffee filters absorb all of the beautiful colors of their jellyfish. Hang up your jellyfish where you can watch it dance in the breeze. Such a great ocean craft for all ages!

pool noodle jellyfish craft

Pool Noodle Jellyfish

Pool Noodle Jellyfish from Mama Miss: OK — these jellyfish are TOO cute! Come summertime, there’s always extra pool noodles floating around our yard. What better way to upcycle them, than to make a few adorable jellyfish to string up by the pool?!

printable J is for Jellyfish craft for kids

‘J’ Is For Jellyfish Craft

‘J’ Is For Jellyfish Craft from Simple Mom: Practice letter recognition with this simple alphabet activity for kids. Print the Jellyfish coloring page and letter ‘J’ template to make this cute craft for preschoolers. Kids will love practicing scissor skills and coloring their jellies in their favorite colors.

There are SO many fun options for making your very own cool jellyfish craft. Which fun jellyfish project are you going to begin working on first?!

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jellyfish crafts for kids
Jellyfish crafts for kids
Jellyfish Crafts for Kids
20+ jellyfish crafts
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