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17 incredible Cricut Maker project ideas that will inspire you to get crafty! Use your Cricut Maker to make all of these awesome craft projects to sell, keep, or gift!

the best cricut maker projects

Out of all of the tools in my craft room, my Cricut Maker gets the most use, bar none. And for excellent reason! The Maker can cut HUNDREDS of different materials, and with their ever-expanding tool system, can now also engrave, deboss, and more! You can read All About the Cricut Maker: What’s New and What Does it Do? here!

The creative possibilities are truly endless with this powerful machine!

cricut maker electronic cutting machine

Over the past year and a half, I have made TONS of projects with my Cricut Maker, and I wanted to share some of our Readers Favorites with you along with some of my own personal favorites as well. These Cricut Maker project ideas are sure to spark your creative juices and inspire you to get crafty with your Maker!

17 of the Best Cricut Maker Projects

These 17 Cricut Maker projects show off some of the incredible things that you can make with your Cricut Maker – prepare to be inspired! There’s SO much that you can create with the Cricut Maker!

For step-by-step tutorials and project files, click on the links or the photos for each project!

diy floral monogram letter made with cricut

Wood Monogram Letter & Felt Flowers

The coolest thing about the Cricut Maker is the versatility that comes with its Adaptive Tool System! The Adaptive Tool System controls your tools to allow it to cut from side-to-side, move up and down, and lift and turn, so that you can cut more materials on the Maker with more pressure than ever before. This tool system allows you to use various blades and tools to create a myriad of different projects.

For this Wood Monogram Letter, we used the Knife Blade along with Basswood to create a pretty gift idea that’s perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, and more! The felt flowers were created with the Rotary Blade, and they are super easy to make!

crepe paper flower wreath hung on wall

Crepe Paper Flower Wreath

The Rotary Blade is an incredible tool that is included in the box with your Cricut Maker purchase. This versatile blade can cut a wide variety of fabrics from delicate silk to heavyweight denim and leather. It’s also perfect for cutting thin and delicate materials like the crepe paper that we used to create this gorgeous Crepe Paper Flower Wreath!

diy valentines day bird house card box for kids

Chipboard Birdhouse Box

Chipboard is an awesome material to work with, and the Knife Blade makes easy work of cutting it with precision! We made this adorable Chipboard Birdhouse Box for Valentine’s Day, but it’s cute enough to display any day of the year!

blue stocking with white christmas tree and embellishments

Felt Stocking

Felt is one of my favorite things to cut with the Cricut Maker because the Rotary Blade slices through it like a hot knife through butter! It’s SO incredibly smooth and simple!

These Felt Stockings were a quick and easy project that we whipped up in practically no time at all using the Simplicity Stocking Pattern in Design Space and some Iron-On embellishments!

this is my harry potter marathon blanket

Harry Potter Marathon Blanket with Infusible Ink

If you haven’t tried Infusible Ink yet, you’re missing out! This innovative new product actually infuses with your fabric base (shirts, totes, and more!) to become a part of the fabric. It’s SO cool, and it works wonderfully with your Cricut Maker and the Fine-Point Blade!

Infusible Ink works best on fabrics that have a high Polyester content (at least 80%+), so it’s awesome on Polyester fleece blankets. I used this silver polka dotted blanket and our FREE SVG file to make this fun Harry Potter Marathon Blanket as a holiday gift for one of my friends!

birthday gift card holders in metallic foil

Foil Gift Card Envelopes

Last summer, Cricut added even MORE new tools to their Cricut Maker Adaptive Tool System lineup including the Wavy Blade, Engraving Tip, Fine Debossing Tip, and Perforation Blade.

These Foil Gift Card Holders can also double as gift boxes for small flat gifts (I used one to gift a pair of earrings, and it was a huge hit!), and they are super duper quick and easy to make using the new Maker tools!

custom water bottles with apple and lunchbox and pencil

Custom Water Bottles

Adhesive Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials when it comes to cutting machine projects, and the Cricut Maker and vinyl go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly!

For these colorful Custom Water Bottles, we used Cricut’s Premium Permanent Vinyl for long-lasting and washable results!

diy watercolor photo frames

Watercolor Picture Frames

Iron-on is my #1 favorite material to work with with my Cricut Maker. There are SO many different types of iron-on, but Foil Iron-on and Holographic Iron-on are at the top of my list. Both add sparkle and shimmer to your projects for maximum effect and minimal effort! Bonus: iron-on works on TONS of different surfaces and bases!

These Watercolor Picture Frames make a gorgeous gift idea, and you can whip them up in under 30 minutes!

I picked up these frames from the craft store, but you could certainly use the Knife Blade and layered Basswood to create your own frames with the Maker!

cricut tool holder and desk organizers

DIY Desk Organizers

Here’s another chipboard project that’s simple to make and can help organize your work space! Use the Maker and the Knife Blade to quickly assemble these handy custom DIY Desk Organizers in any size, color, and style to match your office and suit your needs!

rainbow charm made with cricut chipboard on bag with candies

Chipboard Charms & Party Favor Bags

Have I mentioned how much I love working with chipboard? 😂 These chipboard and adhesive vinyl rainbow charms added the perfect finishing touch to our cute Party Favor Bags!

DIY christmas crackers supplies

Paper Party Crackers (that really POP!)

Paper is another material that the Cricut Maker handles like a champ! We turned this Foil-Embossed Paper into Party Crackers that really pop – perfect for special events and celebrations!

mermaid themed tumblers

Mermaid Tumblers (and how to curve text in Design Space!)

Happiness is Homemade readers love, love, LOVE these adorable Mermaid Tumblers! Made with Premium Permanent Vinyl and Holographic Vinyl, these cute cups make a great DIY gift idea!

Bonus: This tutorial also includes a helpful lesson that will teach you How to Curve Text for Tumblersin Cricut Design Space!

mermaid at heart svg file on blue shirt

Mermaid at Heart Shirt

T-shirts and apparel are one of the top projects that crafters like to create with their Cricut Maker, and we have made LOTS of shirts and onesies here at Happiness is Homemade!

This “Mermaid at Heart” shirt was made using the Cricut Maker and a combination of Holographic Iron-On and Glitter Iron-On for maximum sparkle and shimmer!

simon name on stocking with black and white kitty faces

Lined Fabric Christmas Stocking

This fun Christmas Stocking is one of the original 50 FREE Cricut Design Space projects designed especially for the Cricut Maker!

Once you start making sewing projects with your Cricut Maker, you’re never going to want to stop! The Maker makes everything SO easy, and the Rotary Blade cuts your fabrics so precisely, that your sewing skills and confidence are both guaranteed to soar!

infusible ink holiday gift ornaments

Ceramic Christmas Ornaments with Infusible Ink

These Ceramic Christmas Ornaments were a HUGE hit with our readers this past holiday season! Made with the Cricut Maker and Buffalo Plaid Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets, it’s easier than you might think to make custom personalized Christmas ornaments for all of your family and friends!

cork board travel map with cricut easy press and flag tacks

Corkboard Travel Map

Remember how I told you that you can use Iron-On on lots of different surfaces? Well, what about trying it on cork?! Use your Cricut Maker and Everyday Iron-On to create an awesome Corkboard Travel Map to record all of your vacations, travels, and adventures!

home sweet home wooden sign

Home Sweet Home Sign (and how to use iron-on on wood!)

Out of all the ways that you can use Iron-On with your Cricut Maker, my favorite is using it on wood to create signs and home decor projects. It’s SO easy, and the results are fantastic! Take a peek at how to create this Home Sweet Home sign and learn how to use Iron-On on wood and MDF!

The Cricut Maker is an incredible cutting machine with an impressive array of capabilities that open up new worlds of crafting possibilities…so, what are you going to make first?!

Image of text that says Heidi

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Don’t Forget to Pin These Cricut Maker Project Ideas for Later!

the very best cricut maker projects
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  2. Hey,

    I’ve recently been made redundant and I’m thinking about trying to earn a living using my cricuit machine do you believe this is achievable?
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  3. I just received my cricut maker have not used it excited to start.

    So when I get good enough to make t-shirts can i use a regular iran?

    1. Hi Letticia, You can absolutely use a regular iron to make t-shirts! I do highly recommend the Cricut EasyPress for making t-shirts because it heats more evenly and has a larger surface plate than an iron (without the holes that an iron usually has), which results in better application of iron-on, but a regular iron will work just fine. 🙂